Sunday, March 20, 2011

U-Bahn X - Young Hearts of Europe 12" (1985)

"Just snagged this killer 12'' from a shop in Brooklyn, so figured I'd kick the week off with a fresh rip. This 1985 single seems to be this German band's only release, and this particular 12'' hails from 1985 and consists of two killer dance remixes and an exclusive track, also remixed. Think Clan of Xymox, early Ministry, and other big beat classics. A 7'' containing the original versions of both tracks does exist, but I haven't tracked it down just yet. In the interim, here's the 12'' version, complete with an exclusive remix plucked from the Tribute to Flexi-Pop series."  (systemofperfprmance)
"Great songs from this obscure band U-Bahn X. I assume they are Germans because of the name but I could be wrong. These synth-driven songs got the unique arrangements guaranteed to please you ears. Their music is somewhat similar to Clan Of Xymox and early Ministry. Another hidden minimal band revealed!" (noisebox)

Young Hearts of Europe 12"
Christian Adolf Schmetterling, Dick O'Dell, Heidi Von Düsseldorf, Chris Garland

Bit Rate: 320kbps


1. "Young Hearts of Europe (Essential Mega-Mix)"
2. "Young Hearts of Europe (Valkyrie Mega-Mix)"
3. "Kiss of Death (Punishment Mix)"


4. "Young Hearts of Europe (Valhalla Mega-Mix)"

Young Hearts of Europe [Lyrics]

Rudi caught a train to Dusseldorf
Hope he gets there on time
Heidi's waiting at the station
And it's been a long long time

First love in Germany
With the young hearts of Europe
Blue eyes hold the mystery
Of the young hearts of Europe

Heidi fell in love with Rudi
At the disco on a Saturday night
Dancing to the Bommerlunder
Rudi held Heidi so tight

Heidi works in the Kaufhoff
Her ambition just to fall in love
Fall in love with a boy like Rudi
Under the stars above

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