Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Captain Sensible - The Collection (2003)

"The secret to our Captain's early to mid 80's pop success was built essentially around three things. 1) A great ear for writing a good pop song 2) The right producer (GENIUS Tony Mansfield produced all of the hits) and 3) A fun sense of humour. While many will claim to HATE his cover of Rodgers and Hammerstein's 'Happy Talk', there are a great many (like me) that will tell you they love it. Why? Because it was, and still is, the kind of song that can bring a smile to your face, a gloriously lighthearted and unabashed slice of pop froth that was just FUN. Those kind of records are extremely rare in todays rather musically depressive or aggressive musical climate and, as such, this album is like a breath of fresh air. All the Captain's hits are here and most of his best album tracks to. 'Martha The Mouth' must surely be one of the best of the non-singles and, for fans of producer Tony Mansfield's band New Musik, this is worth buying for this track alone. 'Royal Rave Up' is also a hilarious slice of fun as the Captain's vocals sound a bit like a posh version of the pepperami in the adverts! HA HA There are some more serious songs though and tracks like 'Yanks With Guns' and 'Sir Donald's Son' show us a glimpse of some of that 'Damned' angst. Overall however, its the fact that this album is one to listen to on any day at any time that makes it such a repeat listen and I will always salute 'Mr Burns' for the classic 'Wot' and the HORRENDOUS choice for a single that was 'Croydon'. Excellent stuff. " - Anthony May

The Collection
2003 Spectrum Audio
Raymond Burns

Track Listings

1. "Happy Talk"
2. "Croydon"Outstanding Track
3. "A Nice Cup Of Tea"
4. "Brenda"
5. "Yanks With Guns"
6. "Martha The Mouth"Outstanding Track
7. "(What D'Ya Give) The Man Who's Gotten Everything"
8. "Wot"
9. "Royal Rave Up"
10. "It Would Be So Nice"
11. "The Power Of Love"
12. "I'm A Spider"
13. "I Love Her"
14. "Glad It's All Over"
15. "One Christmas Catalogue"Outstanding Track
16. "Sir Donald's Son"
17. "It's Hard To Believe I'm Not"
18. "Thanks For The Night"
19. "There Are More Snakes Than Ladders "


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