Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Great Boracay Getaway

Summer already started and classes are ending as the days progresses. It is the perfect time to relax somewhere where you can spend some time away from the stress of city life. Villa Escondido is one resort to consider for Boracay. Besides, the big hotels nearby, Escondido offers a more homely approach with more privacy since Escondido is Spanish for hideaway. It is situated in Station 1 where the finest white sands are located. The interior is furnished with antiques has 14 rooms to choose from.

Escondido also housed the best crab restaurant Boracay has to offer. The Boracay Crab House boasts of the best crabs, prawns, and other seafood dishes. There are also other activities that Escondido can offer especially water activities..

The mountainside location and its proximity to the white beach in station 1 makes Escondido a one of a kind resort. The place offers an enchanting beauty that makes you experience nature at its finest.Escondido is ideally situated in station 1 where the best sugar fine white sand of the island is found. It is a minute walk to the beach and the hottest bars and restaurant in the area. Its location offers the privacy and tranquility you want and the accessibility to the hottest spots in the island.
Escondido proudly exhibits the Filipino heritage in its entire interior. All decorations and furniture are from the different regions of the country. Antique vases, jars, tables, and cabinets were sourced from the northern to the southern parts of the Philippines. Each room represents a particular region in the Philippines. The hotel is modern yet uniquely traditional Filipino in style.

It has ten well-appointed deluxe rooms and two suite rooms all equipped with air-condition, cable television, mini bar, in-room safe, electric thermos, telephone/ intercom system, and hot and cold showers. The two suite rooms have the additional facilities of a mini-kitchen with microwave oven, and a bathroom with Jacuzzi.

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Manila Office: (632) 3764535
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