Monday, March 21, 2011

Translator - Translator (1985)

Translator is the self-titled third album from Translator, released in 1985 on 415 Records and distributed by Columbia Records.

In 2007, the album was released on Compact Disc for the first time by Wounded Bird Records. The CD release included two songs from a single as bonus tracks.

Translator is a San Francisco rock band that had success during the 1980s. They created a sound that spanned updated British Merseybeat and stripped-down punk-like rock to psychedelia. Inspired by the Beatles and 1960s California folk-rock bands such as The Byrds, their guitar-based music was very popular during the early 1980s on non-commercial campus radio and new wave music stations. But unlike similar groups including R.E.M., Translator did not get much exposure on mainstream classic rock radio. The group's stripped-down music and sometimes ironic and disturbing existentialist lyrics also helped to make them a significant influence on the alternative rock of the 1990s.

Steve Barton(v/g), Bob Darlington(v/g), Larry Dekker(b), Dave Scheff(d)

Quality of the songs are poor. Please support the artist and buy the original,upload and send me the link :)

Track listing

1. "Gravity"
2. "Fall Forever"
3. "Come With Me"
4. "Friends Of The Future"
5. "New Song"
6. "Another American Night"
7. "O Lazarus"
8. "Inside My Mind"
9. "Heaven By A String"
10. "Breathless Agony"

2007 CD bonus tracks includes

11."Come With Me" (single version) - better quality ripped from YouTube
12."Dizzy Miss Lizzy" (b-side)

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Suedehead guitar intro


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