Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Cure - Greatest Hits (2001)

Greatest Hits is a 2001 album by The Cure. The band's relationship with longtime label Fiction Records came to a close, and The Cure were obliged to release one final album for the label. Robert Smith agreed to release a greatest hits album under the condition that he could choose the tracks himself. The band also recorded a special studio album released as a bonus disc to some versions of the album. The disc, titled Acoustic Hits, is the eighteen songs from the North American release re-recorded using acoustic guitars.

The subsequently-released Greatest Hits features select singles from their then-25 year history, along with the two new tracks "Cut Here" and "Just Say Yes". All songs were newly-remastered specifically for the collection.

In an effort to provide something new for the hardcore fans who owned the previously-released songs, Robert arranged for the band and former member Boris Williams to re-record acoustic versions of the Greatest Hits. Only the select first pressings of Greatest Hits were bundled with the bonus disc of Acoustic Hits.

Greatest Hits was also released on VHS and DVD. The video track listing mirrors that of the North American audio CD, with the exception of "The Caterpillar", "Pictures of You" and "Close to Me (Closest Mix)" which appear as hidden easter eggs. Six of the acoustic performances also appear on the DVD.

Greatest Hits
2001 Limited Edition | UK release (Fiction/Polydor)
Robert Smith,Simon Gallup,Perry Bamonte,Jason Cooper,Roger O'Donnell,Boris Williams
[I Like Them All]

Track list

1."Boys Don't Cry"
2."A Forest" (Shortened Edit)
3."Let's Go to Bed"
4."The Lovecats"
5."The Caterpillar"
6."In Between Days"
7."Close to Me" (Remix)
8."Why Can't I Be You?"
9."Just Like Heaven" (Single Mix)
12."Pictures of You" (Single Mix)
13."Never Enough" (Single Version)
15."Friday I'm in Love"
16."Mint Car"
17."Wrong Number" (Single Mix)
18."Cut Here"
19."Just Say Yes"

Track list Acoustic Hits

Acoustic Hits, the bonus disc features newly recorded acoustic versions of songs.

1."Boys Don't Cry"
2."A Forest"
3."Let's Go to Bed"
4."The Walk"
5."The Lovecats"
6."In Between Days"
7."Close to Me"
8."Why Can't I Be You?"
9."Just Like Heaven"
12."Never Enough"
14."Friday I'm in Love"
15."Mint Car"
16."Wrong Number"
17."Cut Here"
18."Just Say Yes"


1. "Close To Me" (Closest Mix)
2. "The Caterpillar"
3. "Pictures Of You"


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