Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Cure - The Head On The Door (1985|2006 Deluxe)

The Head on the Door is the sixth studio album by British band The Cure, released in 1985. The album is the first to feature drummer Boris Williams, it also features the return of Simon Gallup and is Porl Thompson's first album as an official member.

This album follows the return of Simon Gallup and the official re-induction of Porl Thompson as a band member (he made a small contribution to The Top but wasn't an official band member until the album's tour). This is also the first Cure album with drummer Boris Williams, who had previously worked with the Thompson Twins. Special guest Ron Howe from Fools Dance plays a saxophone solo on the track "A Night Like This."

The Head On The Door
1985 | 2006 Deluxe Edition
Robert Smith (v/g), Borris Williams (d), Simon Gallup (b), Porl Thompson (g/k), Lol Tolhurst (k)

Bit rate: 320kbps

Disc one

1."In Between Days" – 2:57
2."Kyoto Song" – 4:16
3."The Blood" – 3:43
4."Six Different Ways" – 3:18
5."Push" – 4:31
6."The Baby Screams" – 3:44
7."Close to Me" – 3:23
8."A Night Like This" – 4:16
9."Screw" – 2:38
10."Sinking" – 4:57

Disc two

1."In Between Days" (instrumental demo) – 1:25
2."Inwood" (instrumental demo) – 2:18
3."Push" (instrumental demo) – 2:31
4."Innsbruck" (instrumental demo) – 2:37
5."Stop Dead" (demo) – 3:21
6."Mansolidgone" (demo) – 4:06
7."Screw" (demo) – 3:09
8."Lime Time" (demo) – 2:56
9."Kyoto Song" (demo) – 4:28
10."A Few Hours After This..." (demo) – 4:36
11."Six Different Ways" (demo) – 3:00
12."A Man Inside My Mouth" (demo) – 3:00
13."A Night Like This" (demo) – 4:08
14."The Exploding Boy" (demo) – 3:06
15."Close to Me" (demo) - 4:03
16."The Baby Screams" (live) – 3:46
17."The Blood" (live) – 3:34
18."Sinking" (live) – 5:06


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