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Introvoys - Back To The Roots (1991)

Introvoys was formed in 1986 by 3rd-G Cristobal, Paco Arespacochaga, and Jonathan Buencamino. Their 1989 debut album, called "Back to the Roots" was a "diamond in the rough". After two duds for singles, Dyna Records, which was the band's label, was ready to drop them. However, fate had a different plan. "However Which Way" which was the band's third single shot all the way to No. 1 in Metro Manila in just 2 weeks. After a month, the ditty became the country's No. 1 song thus paving the way for a national tour for the Introvoys. Culled from the same album are certified No. 1 singles such as , "Calling All Nations","Maynila" and "Lullabye" among many others. Their second album sealed Introvoys' status in the mainstream. Born from this album were songs that are now classified as standard hits. These songs are "Will I Survive", "Di Na Ako Aasa Pa", "Binibini" and "Are You Happy". Eventually, the album shot to quadruple platinum status earning the Introvoys the tag "the No. 1 Band in the Land!". In 1994 they released Line to Heaven album which has melodies that are catchy and pop-inflected, some of which are imbedded in rock-styled arrangements. The carrier single was written after Arespacochaga suffered a terrible tragedy, the loss of his parents in a car accident. He left the band in 1996 rejoined in 2000. Ira Cruz, who had played with Introvoys from 1987 to 1991, joined Passage and Kapatid. In 2001, Ira rejoined Introvoys for the short-lived reunion run. After nothing much happened since, Ira decided to pursue other interests. In 1995, Jonathan Buencamino left the band for health and personal reasons. It was during this time that Introvoys invited Paku Herrera of Neocolours to carry on Jobert’s chores. After years of hiatus and a brief reunion in 2001, followed by another period of creative resting, they decided work on a new album entitled "A Brighter Day" in 2005. In December 2006, the band released a follow-up album entitled, "New Beginnings" - A collection of major hits arranged in new renditions and introduced two new members, Steve Guadiz (guitars) and Chot Ulep (bass). In April 2009, Tim De Ramos joined the band as the new drummer while Arespacochaga assumed duties as the new lead guitarist.


Track listing

1. "Tell Me Why" Outstanding Track
2. "Ang Barkada"
3. "Magkaisa Tayong Lahat"
4. "Pagmulat"
5. "Stop (Before You Hurt Us All)"
6. "I Love You Still"
7. "More Than A Friend"
8. "One"
9. "Sana Naman"
10. "I'm Sorry"
11. "Ang Sabi Niya Sa Akin"
Back To The Roots

Track Listing

1. "White Roses" - 3:41
2. "Maynila" - 3:13
3. "Calling All Nations" - 2:46 Outstanding Track
4. "However Which Way" - 3:56 Outstanding Track
5. "Kaibigan" - 3:28
6. "Pag-asa Ng Mundo" - 3:25
7. "Lullabye" - 3:52 Outstanding Track
8. "It's You" - 3:28
9. "Panahon" - 3:27
10. "Ingay" - 2:48

New Beginnings

Track listing

1. "In A Little While" - 2:31
2. "Stay" - 3:37
3. "Di Na Ko Aasa Pa" - 3:57
4. "Just A Dream" - 3:16
5. "Calling All Nations" - 2:55
6. "However Which Way" - 4:27
7. "Desire" - 3:52
8. "Tell Me Why" - 3:57
9. "Maynila" - 2:32
10. "Kaibigan" - 3:36
11. "Kailanman" - 3:32
12. "Line To Heaven" - 3:18
13. "Will I Survive" - 2:57
14. "More Than A Friend" - 4:34
15. "Living My Life" - 3:41
16. "Eroplano" - 2:52
17. "The Big Ride" - 4:01
18. "Lullabye" - 3:24

Line Up

Jonathan Buencamino (Lead vocals)
Paco Arespacochaga (Drumms,Guitars/Backing vocals)
JJ Buencamino (Keyboards)
Chot Ulep (Bass guitar)
Tim De Ramos (Drums)
Steve Guadiz (Lead guitar)


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