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The Three O'Clock - Vermillion (1988)

It's said that Prince signed the Three O'Clock to his Paisley Park label after they were dropped by IRS having never heard a note of their music but knowing that they were friends of the Bangles, for whom he had previously written "Manic Monday." It seems like the Three O'Clock's paisley underground pop would have been a perfect fit for Prince's suitably-named label, especially since Around the World in a Day had shown that the two camps shared several influences, but for some reason, 1988's Vermillion completely drops the group's previous association with psychedelia, leaving them a mediocre, slightly bubblegummy pop band. There are a couple of good songs here, especially Michael Quercio's gentle ballad "Through the Sleepy Town" and Jason Falkner's "Love Has No Heart," but they're overshadowed by inoffensive at best, painful at worst trifles like "Love Explosion" and "World on Fire." Ian Ritchie's production is horrible, over-synthesized, and sequenced to within an inch of its life, but the nadir is Prince's contribution, the gimmicky "Neon Telephone," which sounds like it took less time to write than it does to listen to. Vermillion was the Three O'Clock's final album, and it's a shame that they had to go out on such a bum note. ~ Stewart Mason, Rovi

John Blazing, Michael Quercio

Track listing

1. "Vermillion"
2. "Love Explosion"
3. "To Be Where You Are"
4. "When She Becomes My Girl"
5. "World on Fire"
6. "Neon Telephone"
7. "On Paper" Outstanding Track
8. "Ways of Magic"
9. "Time's Going Slower"
10. "Love Has No Heart"
11. "Through the Sleepy Town"

nWu Bonus

12. "On Paper" (McDoc Evo XR Mix) Outstanding Track


so many questions have a reason
so many reasons for what we should do
but longer than the wordsabout to answer
a contract of love is nothing new to you

around you baby im on fire, everywhere that we go
around you baby i desire, all the things that we know
it'll only goes to show, that we don't have to know
Till its on paper (till its on paper), till its on paper

now is the time for a decision
now is the time decide it one or two
but longer than the mouth well end up breaking
a contract of love is nothing new to you

so simplify by calling to your eyes right now
and tell me that ourlove is something new
hoo-who-ho, ahahaha

till on its paper....

it'll only goes to show, that we will never know
Till its on paper (till its on paper), till its on paper

A Great Boracay Getaway

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The The - Soul Mining (1983)

Soul Mining  was The The's second album. (The first, Burning Blue Soul, was released in 1981 and credited to Matt Johnson, but reissues have tended to credit it to The The.) It was released in 1983 and included the UK hit singles "Uncertain Smile" which reached No. 68 in December 1982 and "Perfect" which made No. 71 in September 1983, which featured David Johanson on harmonica. The album version of "Uncertain Smile" featured the piano playing of Jools Holland. Holland revealed in his 2007 biography that it is in fact two separate solos joined together. The original single used flute and sax solos played by Crispin Cioe of the Uptown Horns. The cover artwork is by Andy Johnson, Matt Johnson's brother, aka Andy Dog.

There are four different versions of the album in existence. Johnson originally intended the album to finish with "Giant", but EPIC insisted that 7 songs were too few and a rerecorded version of "Perfect" was added to the US vinyl, CD and cassette versions, much to Johnson's annoyance. The UK cassette version also included the five extra tracks listed below. There was also a limited edition of the original Album which included a 12 inch with an extended remix of Perfect b/sided with Fruit of the Heart & Soup of mixed emotions (XPR1250). For the 20th anniversary of Soul Mining, the album was digitally remastered without "Perfect", as Johnson had originally intended.

The album appears on the list of "1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die".

Soul Mining
Matt Johnson

Side One

Side Two

1. "I've Been Waiting for Tomorrow (All of My Life)"
2. "This is the Day"Outstanding Track
3. "The Sinking Feeling"
4. "Uncertain Smile"Outstanding Track

1. "The Twilight Hour"
2. "Soul Mining"
3. "GIANT"
4. "Perfect"Outstanding Track


This is the Day (Demo)
This is the Day (That Was The Day)(Spiral Tribe Remix)
Uncertain Smile (Extended Version)
Infected (12 Inch Version) (Infected Album 1986)
The Violence of Truth (Mind Bomb 1989)
Bluer Than Midnight (Dusk Album 1992)
Sweet Bird of Truth (Infected Album 1986)
Kingdom of Rain (featuring Sinead O'Connor)(Mind Bomb Album 1989)
Heartland (Infected Album 1986)
Dogs of Lust (45rpm The Singles)

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Camouflage - The Remix Collection (1998)

Camouflage is a German New Wave trio consisting of Marcus Meyn, Heiko Maile and Oliver Kreyssig. Their only Billboard Hot 100 hit was "The Great Commandment" which climbed to #59 in 1988, though it did spend three weeks at #1 on the US dance chart. They also had two additional minor dance hits in 1989.


In 1983, Heiko Maile, Marcus Meyn, Martin Kahling and Oliver Kreyssig, four friends from Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany, formed the band Licenced Technology. It was short lived, as Martin Kahling left in 1984. Soon after, the remaining three members renamed themselves "Camouflage", inspired by a Yellow Magic Orchestra song of the same name. The three young musicians set up their first studio in the basement of Heiko's parents' house, calling it "Boy's Factory". Their first live gigs at local music clubs soon followed. In 1985, Camouflage recorded two demo tapes at their studio, and the following year, the group won a local radio music contest, after a friend of theirs handed one of the demos in. A small Frankfurt music label, "Westside", showed interest in taking Camouflage on. There, the song "The Great Commandment" was recorded to be presented to bigger music companies. After considering offers from several record companies, Camouflage decided to sign a contract with Metronome.

The Remix Collection
Marcus Meyn, Heiko Maile, Oliver Kreyssig


1. "Handsome" (Psycho-ray-mix) - 6:31
2. "Handsome" (Mosaic Remix) - 6:13
3. "The Great Commandment" (Extended Radio Mix) - 5:57 Outstanding Track
4. "Love Is a Shield" (12" Us Orbit Mix) - 8:08
5. "Kling Klang" - 3:49
6. "Love Is a Shield" (12" Mix) - 5:20 Outstanding Track
7. "The Great Commandment" (12" Mix) - 6:10
8. "Close (We Stroke the Flames)" - 4:02 Outstanding Track
9. "They Catch More Secrets" (Edit) - 4:32
10. "X-ray" (Transformer Single Mix) - 3:34
11. "Suspicious Love" (G.R.D. Mix) - 5:31
12. "Heaven I Want You" (Club Too Mix) - 5:06 Outstanding Track
13. "Neighbours" (Extended Long Mix) - 6:17
14. "Strangers Thoughts" (Longer Mix) - 5:58 Outstanding Track
15. "The Great Commandment" (Dub Mix Edit) - 6:53
16. "The Great Commandment" (Justin Strauss Remix) - 7:20
17. "Winter" - 5:08

The Great Commandments (Lyrics)

Some people suppress you they partch you
and reap a disaster
Reeducation for the infants
who demanded for an innocent instance

The great commandment shows the contempt
between the world and their embarrassing pavement
Believe the scholars read the readings
realize the man who says anything

The great commandment

The needies believe you they treat you
like survivor disaster
Reeducation for the infants
who demanded for an innocent instance

The great commandment.

Heaven (I Want You) (Lyrics)

When I look into your eyes,
then I know that life's worth living,
just without you, more or less,
there's nothing left to tell.

All the years we shared our time,
all the things we had in common,
all the crisis, more or less,
we've nothing left to tell.

All excuses, all your plights,
all your nice ideas, effusions of your mind,
but I'll tell you for a thousand times:

I want you going down just for one time.
I want you going down going down to the place
where you belong to.

When I woke up in your arms
and I felt myself, I'm freezing
thats unusual, more or less,
there's nothing left that's warm.

All the years we shared our dreams,
now I know it was a nightmare,
of your loving, more or less,
there's nothing left to loose.

All excuses, all your plights,
all your nice ideas, effusions of your mind
but I'll tell you for a thousand times:

I want you going down, just for one time.
I want you going down going down to the place
where you belong to.

CLOSE (We Stroke The Flames)(Lyrics)

We stroke the flames, we stroke the flames
We stroke the flames, we stroke the flames

They're creeping on through your mind,
Won't you think it over.
We know the scenes, they're marching on with torches,
peeping from inside.
with evil's eyes,
the ferris wheel is turning,
the tale is told again.
And if we don't care we end up all the same.

We stroke the flames, we never quenched all those years,
we should have learned from things which may come close.

We need to talk, time has come,
don't play it down, it's over.
We know their themes, it's creeping on with caution,
peeping from inside,
with evil's eyes,
the ferris wheel is turning,
the tale is told again.
And if we don't care we end up all the same.

Stranger Thoughts (Lyrics)

In the last few hundred years
some people lost their place on earth
they never had a chance
to stay just like they were
I can't understand why should this happen here
we should accept and learn
how to live together.

These are just some strangers thoughts

The reason for the pain
is always based on history
the madness in some minds
has started to do this all
I can't understand why should this happen here
we should accept and learn
how to live together.

These are just some strangers thoughts.

The Beautiful South - Gold (2006)

Gold by The Beautiful South is the third greatest hits album to be released by the band. It is similar in design to other "Gold" albums released by bands either currently or previously of various labels under the Universal Music Group. The album is a 2 disc collection of both single and album tracks taken from the first 8 of the bands back catalogue. It had zero input from the band.

The Beautiful South were an English alternative rock group formed at the end of the 1980s by two former members of Hull group The Housemartins, Paul Heaton and Dave Hemingway. The duo were initially joined by Sean Welch (bass), Dave Stead (drums) and Dave Rotheray (guitar), all of whom stayed with the group throughout their 19-year career. Later additions included female vocalist Briana Corrigan; she was replaced by Jacqui Abbott, who in turn was replaced by Alison Wheeler.

The group broke up in January 2007, claiming the split was due to "musical similarities", having sold around 6,500,000 records worldwide. In January 2009, it was announced that the former members Dave Hemingway, Alison Wheeler, and Dave Stead would reform under the name New Beautiful South which was later changed to The South.

Paul Heaton (v), Dave Hemingway (v), Dave Rotheray (g), Sean Welch (b), Dave Stead (d), Briana Corrigan (v), Jacqui Abbott (v), Alison Wheeler (v)

Disc one

1. "Song for Whoever"
2. "A Little Time"
3. "Prettiest Eyes"
4. "Don't Marry Her"
5. "Alone"
6. "The Table"
7. "Old Red Eyes is Back"
8. "Window Shopping for Blinds"
9. "Good as Gold (Stupid as Mud)"
10. "Closer Than Most"
11. "Baby Please Go"
12. "You Keep It All In"
13. "Dumb"
14. "36D"
15. "From Under the Covers"
16. "Let Love Speak Up Itself"
17. "Masculine Eclipse"
18. "Perfect 10"

Disc two

1. "Rotterdam (Or Anywhere)"
2. "Let Go with the Flow"
3. "Bell Bottomed Tear"
4. "I'll Sail This Ship Alone"
5. "Just a Few Things That I Ain't"
6. "Liars' Bar"
7. "Have You Ever Been Away"
8. "We Are Each Other"
9. "The Root of All Evil"
10. "Hit Parade"
11. "My Book"
12. "Losing Things"
13. "Everybody's Talkin'"
14. "Property Quiz"
15. "One Last Love Song"
16. "Mirror"
17. "One God"
18. "Blackbird on the Wire

Wellness is with Reach

In 2008 Cory Quirino opened her first opened World of Wellness, her flagship store at the second floor of V-Mall (formerly Virra Mall). The shop offers products personally chosen by Cory which meet her personal standards of excellence and embody the store tagline: Celebrate life the natural way.

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Treebound Story - 12" EP (1986-1989)

Treebound Story began life at Firth Park School and consisted of 5 friends; Paul Infanti (vocal) Richard Hawley (Guitar/BV’s) Paul Currie (Bass),Rob Gregory (Drums) and Simon Beckett (percussion). Taking their influences from The Byrds, Flying Burrito’s, 13th Floor Elevators and Chocolate Watchband (to name a few) their music was fresh, melodic and guitar driven. It was focused on traditional song writing values and ignored the current fads; electronic, goth and house.

Odd then that Treebound Story became signed to FON records in Sheffield; owned by Industrial Funk outfit Chakk it seemed an unlikely label to release their first single. They went on to release one more single on FON before being picked up by Doncaster label Native Records. The band released one recognised classic ‘Swimming In The Heart Of Jane’ which was a John Peel favourite at least. But after years of staying together as a tight band of brothers the labels inability to release their recorded debut album became one let down too many and the band finally accepted their fate as they split in 1992 after a number of years being the hottest band in Sheffeld along with their notional rivals Pulp (the bands were never so much rivals as much as being both bands who everyone knew should succeed).

Richard Hawley (g), Paul Infanti (v/g),Paul Currie (b), Rob Gregory (d), Simon Beckett (p)

I Remember 12"
1986 Fon Records


A1. "I Remember"
A2. "Like A Fool"
B1. "Hunger Mountain High"
B2. "If I'd Known"
My Life's Example 12"
1986 Fon Records


A1. "My Life's Example"
B1. "Forever Green"
B2. "My Life's Example (Cement Mix)"

Take It 12"
1989 Native Records
Recorded Live At Axis Studios Sheffield, September 1989


A1. "Take It"
B1. "Your Kind"
B2. "Trains and Boats And Planes"
Swimming In The Heart Of Jane 12"
1989 Native Records
Recorded at Axis, sheffield Dec 1988


A1. "Swimming In The Heart Of Jane"
A2. "On The Rocks"
B1. "The Butterfly Dies"
B2. "Rain, Rain, Rain"

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The Very Best of Dragon (2010)

Dragon is a popular New Zealand – Australian rock band, they were formed in Auckland, New Zealand in January 1972 and relocated to Sydney, Australia in May 1975. They were previously led by singer Marc Hunter and are currently led by his brother bass player Todd Hunter.They performed and released material under the name Hunter in Europe and United States during 1987.

Keyboard player Paul Hewson wrote or co-wrote most of the group's hits: "April Sun in Cuba" peaked at #2 on the 1977 Australian singles chart "Are You Old Enough?" reached #1 in 1978 and "Still in Love with You" reached #15 also in 1978. The Hunter brothers with Todd's partner, Johanna Pigott, wrote "Rain" a #2 hit in 1983. The name, Dragon, came from a consultation of I Ching cards by early band vocalist Graeme Collins.

Dragon have endured tragedy and notoriety. Several band members died during their association with the band: Drummer Neil Storey of a heroin overdose in 1976, Paul Hewson of a drug overdose in 1985 and Marc Hunter of smoking related oesophageal cancer in 1998. The Stewart Royal Commission (1980–1983) which investigated the Mr. Asia drug syndicate obtained evidence that Dragon members were clients. The band also had a disastrous 1978 tour of USA which ended when Marc Hunter accused his Texan audience of being "faggots" and the band were pelted off stage. On 1 July 2008 the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) recognised Dragon's iconic status when they were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame. (wiki)

The Very Best of Dragon
Marc Hunter (v), Todd Hunter (b), Paul Hewson (k), Johanna Pigott, +Neil Storey (d)

Track Listings

1. "April Sun In Cuba" (Remastered)
2. "Are You Old Enough"
3. "Still In Love With You"
4. "Rain"
5. "Celebration"
6. "Get That Jive" (Remastered)
7. "This Time" (Remastered)
8. "Konkaroo" (Remastered)
9. "Island Nights"
10. "Love's Not Enough"
11. "Magic"
12. "Young Years"
13. "Speak No Evil"
14. "Dreams of Ordinary Men "
15. "Western Girls"
16. "River"
17. "Summer"


18. "Rain" (Extended Version)"

The Damned - Anything (1986)

The Damned are an English gothic punk band formed in London in 1976. They were the first punk rock band from the United Kingdom to release a single ("New Rose"), an album (Damned Damned Damned), to have a record on the UK music charts, and to tour the United States. The Damned later evolved into one of the forerunners of the gothic genre.

They have incorporated numerous styles into their music and image, including: garage rock, psychedelic rock, cabaret, and the theatrical rock of Screaming Lord Sutch and Alex Harvey. Lead singer Dave Vanian's vocal style has been described as similar to a crooner. The Damned have dissolved and reformed many times, with Vanian as the sole constant member. However, the lineups have always included either guitarist Captain Sensible and/or drummer Rat Scabies, who are both founding members. The current line-up includes Vanian, Captain Sensible, Monty Oxy Moron, Pinch and Stu West.

Anything was The Damned's seventh studio album, released in 1986.

Between July and August 1985 the band and producer Jon Kelly decamped to Puk Recording Studios in Gjerlev, Denmark to record their follow-up. In contrast to the straightforward sessions for their previous album, recording was rife with problems. Kelly attempted to steer the band towards the 'Goth Opera' style that had served them so well, but the band wanted to move in a new direction, with a psychedelic rock flavour – epitomised by their cover of Love’s "Alone Again Or".

The album received lackluster reviews, and, considering the expenditure involved, was a commercial flop, peaking at #40 on the UK charts and spending just two weeks in the Top 100. It would lead to the band’s contract with MCA being terminated, and would be the band’s last album for a decade.

The distinctive carving on the cover was made by Howard Rayhoult. On some pressings of the vinyl release this was unpainted, while some where coloured by Jef Hartley and Booce. The CD version of the album uses the coloured cover.

Anything spawned the UK hit singles "Anything" (#32), "Gigolo" (#29) and "Alone Again Or" (#27).

It was re-released on CD in 2009, and contained many extra tracks of remixes and live performances.

Dave Vanian (v), Roman Jugg (v/g/k), Rat Scabies (d), Bryn Merrick (v/b)

track Listings

1. "Anything" - 4:47
2. "Alone Again Or" - 3:38
3. "Portrait" - 3:50
4. "Restless" - 4:57
5. "In Dulce Decorum" - 4:47
6. "Gigolo" - 6:02
7. "The Girl Walks Down" - 4:35
8. "Tightrope Walk" - 4:21
9. "Psychomania" - 4:03


Dave Vanian (vocals)
Roman Jugg (guitar, keyboards, vocals)
Rat Scabies (drums)
Bryn Merrick (bass, vocals)
Blue Weaver (keyboards)
Paul "Shirley" Shepley (keyboards)
Paul "Wix" Wickens (keyboards)
Suzie O’List (backing vocals)
Kurt Holm (trumpet)

Alone Again Or 12"

1. "Alone Again Or" - 3:38
2. "Eloise" - 5:07
3. "In Dulce Decorum (Live)" - 4:37
4. "Psychomania (Live)" - 3:58
5. "Alone Again Or (Mixed Again)" - 6:28

Alone Again Or 7"

1. "Alone Again Or" - 3:38
2. "In Dulce Decorum (Live)" - 4:28

The Damned - Alone Again Or
MCA 7"

Anything 10"

1. "Anything (Yet Another Mix)" - 6:12
2. "Anything (Instrumental)" - 5:26
3. "Anything (And Yet Another Mix)" - 5:29
4. "Year of the Jackal" - 6:17

The Damned - Anything
GRIMX5 10"


Dave Vanian (David Letts), Captain Sensible (Raymond Burns) and Rat Scabies (Chris Millar) had been members of the band Masters of the Backside, which also included future Pretenders frontwoman Chrissie Hynde. Brian James (Brian Robertson) had been a member of the punk band London SS, who never played live but included musicians who later found fame in The Clash and Generation X. Scabies knew James through a failed audition as drummer for London SS. When the two decided to start their own band, James and Scabies had invited Sid Vicious and Dave Vanian to audition to be the singer of The Damned. Only Vanian showed up, and so he became the frontman of the band.

More on Wiki

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Black - Wonderful Life (1987)

"Wonderful Life" is a song by British band Black from their 1987 album of the same name. Written by lead singer Colin Vearncombe, the song was released twice as a single and was successful the second time, becoming a top ten hit in Switzerland, Germany, UK, France, Austria and Italy."

Black is the musical vehicle for British singer-songwriter Colin Vearncombe (born 26 May 1962, Liverpool, England). 1985 was a gloomy year for Vearncombe, causing him to write the ironically entitled minor key song "Wonderful Life". Released independently at first, this track got Black noticed by A&M Records who signed Vearncombe and launched his international career. At first, the singles "Everything's Coming Up Roses" and "Sweetest Smile" were moderately successful in the UK alone, but the third single, a re-release of "Wonderful Life", was a massive hit worldwide. The album of the same name, released in 1987, had similar success, reaping commercial and critical acclaim.

Wonderful Life
Colin Vearncombe

Bit rate: 320kbps

Track listing

1. "Wonderful Life" - 4:46 Outstanding Track
2. "Everything's Coming Up Roses" - 4:04
3. "Sometimes for the Asking" - 4:09
4. "Finder" - 4:12
5. "Paradise" (Dickie/Vearncombe) - 4:51
6. "I'm Not Afraid" (Dickie/Vearncombe) - 5:00
7. "I Just Grew Tired" - 4:15
8. "Blue" (Dickie/Vearncombe) - 3:38
9. "Just Making Memories" - 4:26
10. "Sweetest Smile" - 5:19
11. "Ravel in the Rain" (Dickie/Vearncombe) - 3:47
12. "Leave Yourself Alone" - 4:32
13. "Sixteens" - 3:56
14. "It's Not You Lady Jane" (Dickie/Vearncombe) - 3:25
15. "Hardly Star-Crossed Lovers" - 2:51


"Wonderfule Life" (HD)

Album Inlays (PDF)

Download Wonderful Life Album HD Inlay (pdf)

Line Up

Colin Vearncombe (vocals)
Roy Corkill (fretless bass)
Jimmy Hughes (drums)
Martin Green (saxophone)
Dave Dix (keyboards, programming)
The Creamy Whirls (Tina Labrinski, Sara Lamarra)(backing vocals)
Jimmy Samster (electric bass)
Doreen Edwards (additional backing vocals)
The Sidwell Brothers (brass section)
Recorded at Powerplant Studios (London), Square One Studio (Bury) and Pink Studio (Liverpool).

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Introvoys - Back To The Roots (1991)

Introvoys was formed in 1986 by 3rd-G Cristobal, Paco Arespacochaga, and Jonathan Buencamino. Their 1989 debut album, called "Back to the Roots" was a "diamond in the rough". After two duds for singles, Dyna Records, which was the band's label, was ready to drop them. However, fate had a different plan. "However Which Way" which was the band's third single shot all the way to No. 1 in Metro Manila in just 2 weeks. After a month, the ditty became the country's No. 1 song thus paving the way for a national tour for the Introvoys. Culled from the same album are certified No. 1 singles such as , "Calling All Nations","Maynila" and "Lullabye" among many others. Their second album sealed Introvoys' status in the mainstream. Born from this album were songs that are now classified as standard hits. These songs are "Will I Survive", "Di Na Ako Aasa Pa", "Binibini" and "Are You Happy". Eventually, the album shot to quadruple platinum status earning the Introvoys the tag "the No. 1 Band in the Land!". In 1994 they released Line to Heaven album which has melodies that are catchy and pop-inflected, some of which are imbedded in rock-styled arrangements. The carrier single was written after Arespacochaga suffered a terrible tragedy, the loss of his parents in a car accident. He left the band in 1996 rejoined in 2000. Ira Cruz, who had played with Introvoys from 1987 to 1991, joined Passage and Kapatid. In 2001, Ira rejoined Introvoys for the short-lived reunion run. After nothing much happened since, Ira decided to pursue other interests. In 1995, Jonathan Buencamino left the band for health and personal reasons. It was during this time that Introvoys invited Paku Herrera of Neocolours to carry on Jobert’s chores. After years of hiatus and a brief reunion in 2001, followed by another period of creative resting, they decided work on a new album entitled "A Brighter Day" in 2005. In December 2006, the band released a follow-up album entitled, "New Beginnings" - A collection of major hits arranged in new renditions and introduced two new members, Steve Guadiz (guitars) and Chot Ulep (bass). In April 2009, Tim De Ramos joined the band as the new drummer while Arespacochaga assumed duties as the new lead guitarist.


Track listing

1. "Tell Me Why" Outstanding Track
2. "Ang Barkada"
3. "Magkaisa Tayong Lahat"
4. "Pagmulat"
5. "Stop (Before You Hurt Us All)"
6. "I Love You Still"
7. "More Than A Friend"
8. "One"
9. "Sana Naman"
10. "I'm Sorry"
11. "Ang Sabi Niya Sa Akin"
Back To The Roots

Track Listing

1. "White Roses" - 3:41
2. "Maynila" - 3:13
3. "Calling All Nations" - 2:46 Outstanding Track
4. "However Which Way" - 3:56 Outstanding Track
5. "Kaibigan" - 3:28
6. "Pag-asa Ng Mundo" - 3:25
7. "Lullabye" - 3:52 Outstanding Track
8. "It's You" - 3:28
9. "Panahon" - 3:27
10. "Ingay" - 2:48

New Beginnings

Track listing

1. "In A Little While" - 2:31
2. "Stay" - 3:37
3. "Di Na Ko Aasa Pa" - 3:57
4. "Just A Dream" - 3:16
5. "Calling All Nations" - 2:55
6. "However Which Way" - 4:27
7. "Desire" - 3:52
8. "Tell Me Why" - 3:57
9. "Maynila" - 2:32
10. "Kaibigan" - 3:36
11. "Kailanman" - 3:32
12. "Line To Heaven" - 3:18
13. "Will I Survive" - 2:57
14. "More Than A Friend" - 4:34
15. "Living My Life" - 3:41
16. "Eroplano" - 2:52
17. "The Big Ride" - 4:01
18. "Lullabye" - 3:24

Line Up

Jonathan Buencamino (Lead vocals)
Paco Arespacochaga (Drumms,Guitars/Backing vocals)
JJ Buencamino (Keyboards)
Chot Ulep (Bass guitar)
Tim De Ramos (Drums)
Steve Guadiz (Lead guitar)

Voice Of The Beehive - Let It Bee (1988)

Let It Bee is the debut album from alternative rock band Voice of the Beehive. Released in 1988 on London Records, the album earned positive reviews from music crititcs and was a success on U.S. college radio stations. In the UK, the album reached #13 on the album chart in its debut week ending 2 July 1988. The group had their first hit single in the UK with "Don't Call Me Baby", which reached #15 and earned them their first Top 20 placing.

Several singles were issued both before and after the release of the album. Let It Bee contained two bonus tracks on the U.S. edition (they were not listed on the CD cover, but were listed within the text on the CD).

Voice of the Beehive are an Anglo-American college rock/alternative band, formed in London in 1986 by Californian sisters Tracey Bryn and Melissa Brooke Belland, daughters of The Four Preps singer, Bruce Belland.

Voice of the Beehive were formed in 1986 by the Californian sisters Tracey Belland (vocals/guitar) and Melissa Belland (vocals) with UK band members Martin Brett (bass guitar), Woody Woodgate (drums) and Mike Jones (guitar). The band's initial success came in the UK, U.S. and Australia. The band had five Top 40 singles from two albums in the UK.

Their biggest commercial success came with the singles, "Don't Call Me Baby", "Monsters and Angels", "I Think I Love You", "I Walk The Earth" and "I Say Nothing" from their first two albums Let It Bee and Honey Lingers. In 1995 the band released a third album Sex & Misery. The band reformed in 2003 to play a two week UK tour averaging 5000 seaters per night. Tracey Belland is a teacher in Laguna Beach, California. Melissa Belland runs her own company "Made In Heaven" also in Laguna Beach, California. Martin Brett runs Brett Dempsey Music Productions in London and is a member of two bands I, Ludicrous and Dollshouse. He also trained to become a facial hair specialist for Film, Theatre & TV in 2010. Woody Woodgate still plays drums in Madness. Mike Jones lives in Norwich and still plays guitar.

Let It Bee
Tracey Belland (v/g), Melissa Belland (v), Martin Brett (b), Woody Woodgate (d), Mike Jones (g)

Track listing

1."The Beat of Love" (Brooke/Bryn/Nack) - 4:02
2. "Sorrow Floats" (Bryn) - 4:16
3. "Don't Call Me Baby" (Bryn/Jones) - 3:05 Outstanding Track
4. "Man in the Moon" (Brooke/Bryn) - 3:12
5. "What You Have Is Enough" (Bryn) - 2:33
6. "Oh Love" (Brooke/Jones) - 2:58
7. "I Walk the Earth" (Nack) - 3:40 Outstanding Track
8. "Trust Me" (Bryn) - 3:17
9. "I Say Nothing" (Bryn/Jones) - 3:24 Outstanding Track
10. "There's a Barbarian in the Back of My Car" (Bryn/Mindwarp) - 2:35
11. "Just a City" (Bryn/Jones) - 4:26
12. "This Weak" (bonus track, U.S. only) - 3:14
13. "Jesus" (bonus track, U.S. only) - 3:24

Line Up

Tracey Belland (vocals/guitar)
Melissa Belland (vocals)
Martin Brett (bass guitar)
Woody Woodgate (drums)
Mike Jones (guitar)

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Echo & the Bunnymen - Lips Like Sugar 12" (1987)

"Lips Like Sugar" is a single by Echo & the Bunnymen which was released in August 1987. It was the second single from their 1987 eponymous album. It reached number 36 on the UK Singles Chart and number 24 on the Irish Singles Chart. The single was released as a 7-inch single and a 12-inch single by WEA Records and by Sire Records as a 12-inch single in the U.S.
The B-side to the 7-inch single is a track called "Rollercoaster". This track was moved to the A-side alongside a remixed version of the title track for the British 12-inch single and was released as a double A-side backed with a cover version of The Doors' "People Are Strange", which was recorded for the soundtrack of the film The Lost Boys and was released as a single in its own right the following year (1988). The U.S. 12-inch single had the same A-side as the British 12-inch single with two other mixes of the title track on the B-side.

Ian McCulloch wrote the lyrics to "Lips Like Sugar" and "Rollercoaster". The music to "Lips Like Sugar" was written by McCulloch, Will Sergeant and Les Pattinson and the music to "Rollercoaster" was written by McCulloch, Sergeant, Pattinson and Pete de Freitas. "Lips Like Sugar" was produced by Laurie Latham, "Rollercoaster" was produced by The Bunnymen and Gil Norton and "People Are Strange" was produced by Ray Manzarek.

Lips Like Sugar 12"
1987 WEA YZ144T
Ian McCulloch (v), Will Sergeant (g), Les Pattinson (d), Pete de Freitas (b)

Track Listing

A1. "Lips Like Sugar" - 4:37
A2. "Rollercoaster" - 4:05
B1. "People Are Strange" - 4:32


"Lips Like Sugar" (Acoustic) - 4:15
"Lips Like Sugar" (12" Dub) - 6:08
"Lips Like Sugar" (12" Mix) - 6:01
"Lips Like Sugar" (Single Mix) - 4:54
"Lips Like Sugar" (Live in Liverpool 2002)



she floats like a swan grace on the water
lips like sugar, lips like sugar
just when you think you've caught her
she glides across the water
she calls for you tonight to share this moonlight

you'll flow down her river
she'll ask you and you'll give her
lips like sugar , sugar kisses
lips like sugar, sugar kisses

she knows what she knows
i know what she's thinking
sugar kisses, sugar kisses
just when you think she's yours
she's flown to other shores
to laugh at how you break
and melt into this lake

you'll flow down her river
but you'll never give her
lips like sugar, sugar kisses
lips like sugar, sugar kisses

she'll be my mirror
reflect what I am
a loser and a winner
the King of Siam
and my Siamese twin
alone on the river
mirror kisses
mirror kisses

lips like sugar, sugar kisses
lips like sugar, sugar kisses
lips like sugar, sugar kisses
lips like sugar, sugar kisses
lips like sugar, sugar kisses
lips like sugar ,sugar kisses

The Soup Dragons - Hotwired (1992)

Hotwired is the third studio album from The Soup Dragons. Recorded in 1991 and 1992 at Livingston Studios and Advision Brighton, it was released April 21, 1992.

AllMusic described Hotwired as the album where the Soup Dragons reached "the happy medium between the slick breakbeats and guitar-based rock & roll", adding that the songs are "among the strongest of the band's career". Both Pleasure and Divine Thing were alternative dance singles that became moderate hits in the U.S.. Bold production effects include chugging guitars on Getting Down, a romping harmonica jam on Running Wild and gospel choir-like background vocals sprinkled throughout the album.

Sean Dickson (v/g), Jim McCullough (v/g), Sushil K. Dade (b), Paul Quinn (d)

Track listing

1. "Pleasure" – 3:54
2. "Divine Thing" – 3:51 Outstanding Track
3. "Running Wild" – 4:01
4. "Getting Down" – 4:11
5. "Forever Yesterday" – 4:49
6. "No More Understanding" – 4:58
7. "Dream-On (Solid Gone)" – 4:00
8. "Everlasting" – 3:43
9. "Absolute Heaven" – 3:20
10. "Everything" – 3:56
11. "Sweet Layabout" – 3:43
12. "Mindless" – 4:56


Sean Dickson (vocals, guitar)
Jim McCullough (backing vocals, guitar)
Sushil K. Dade (bass)
Paul Quinn (drums, percussion)

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