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The Lightning Seeds - Cloud Cuckoo Land (1989)

Released in 1989, CLOUDCUCKOOLAND marked by the solo debut of U.K. producer Ian Broudie under the Lightning Seeds moniker. Although Broudie was primarily known for his work on early Echo & the Bunnymen albums, the Lightning Seeds proved to be a far less edgy affair, as revealed on the airy, sensitive synth-pop singles "Pure" and "All I Want."

The Lightning Seeds are an English alternative rock and pop band from Liverpool, England formed by Ian Broudie (vocals, guitar, producer) in 1989. Originally a studio-based solo project for Broudie, The Lightning Seeds expanded into a touring band following Jollification (1994). The group experienced commercial success throughout the 1990s and are well-known for their single "Three Lions", a collaboration with David Baddiel and Frank Skinner which reached No. 1 in the UK in 1996 and 1998.

Cloud Cuckoo Land
Ian Broudie (g/v), Martyn Campbell (b), Paul Hemmings (g), Chris Sharrock (d)

Track Listing

1. All I Wantstars png.png
2. Bound in a Nutshell
3. Purestars png.png
4. Sweet Dreams
5. The Nearly Man
6. Joystars png.png
7. Love Explosion
8. Don't Let Go stars png.png
9. Control the Flame
10. The Price
11. Fools
12. Frenzy*

Current members

Ian Broudie – guitar, vocals (1989–present)
Martyn Campbell – bass (1994–2000) (2009-present)
James Bagshaw - Keyboards (2010)
Raife Burchell – drums (2010)

Former members

Chris Sharrock – drums (1994–1997)
Ali Kane – keyboard (1994–1996)
Paul Hemmings – guitar (1994–1998)
Mathew Priest – drums (1997)
Zak Starkey – drums (1997–2000)
Paolo Ruiu – bass (2006)
Rob Allum - Drums (2009 & 2010)
Angie Pollock - Keyboards & Glock (1996-2000, 2009-2010)
Riley Broudie - Guitar (2009-2010)

Care - Diamonds And Emeralds (1997)

Rescued from the vaults, the long lost recordings of the 80's cult duo Care. Moody, magnificent, melodic pop fromthe Liverpool legends Ian Broudie (Lightning Seeds) and Paul Simpson. Contains all the singles, plus B-sides, 12in mixes and unreleased tracks. U.K. release on BMG's Camdenlabel. 19 tracks, including 'My Boyish Days' and 'Flaming Sword'.

Care were a New Wave band formed by Paul Simpson and Ian Broudie in 1983 in Liverpool, England. Paul Simpson, is the vocalist of, The Wild Swans, whose songs include the 1981 single "The Revolutionary Spirit". Simpson has said that the Care single "Whatever Possessed You" was originally written by him as a Wild Swans song. An album was recorded but has never been released. The singles; "Whatever Possessed You," "Flaming Sword" a top 50 single in the United Kingdom in 1983 and "My Boyish Days," were put out as an album which also included B-sides and unfinished demo's entitled Diamonds and Emeralds in 1997.

According to Allmusic, the Care developed a cult following in Japan and the Philippines, where Care's songs were more popular than they were in England, kept the group's memory afloat. Noticing the demand for Care records on the Internet, Camden released Diamonds and Emeralds in 1997, a compilation of the duo's singles, B-sides, and tracks intended for Love Crowns and Crucifies. Collected without permission from either Simpson or Broudie, Diamonds and Emeralds nevertheless finally presented Care's majestic work on CD"

The band broke up in 1985 when Simpson left.

Diamonds And Emeralds
Ian Broudie (g/v), Paul Simpson

Track Listing

1. "Diamonds And Emeralds" Outstanding Track
2. "Evening In The Ray"
3. "Chandeliers" (Pinoy Ako)
4. "Flaming Sword" Outstanding Track
5. "Cymophane"
6. "Love Crowns And Crucifies"
7. "Temper Temper"
8. "White Cloud"
9. "Caretaking"
10. "My Boyish Days" [12" Version] Outstanding Track
11. "Sad Day For England"
12. "Soldiers And Sailors"
13. "Whatever Possessed You" Outstanding Track
14. "Such Is Life"
15. "What Kind Of World"
16. "Nature Prayed Upon"
17. "Flaming Sword" [12" Version] Outstanding Track
18. "Misericorde"
19. "Besides 1 & 2"

Monday, January 24, 2011

Aztec Camera - True Colors

True Colors
Roddy Frame
Popup Lyrics

You with the sad eyes
Don't be discouraged
Oh I realize
And it's hard to take courage
In a world full of people
You can lose sight of it all
And the darkness deep inside you
Makes you feel so small

But I see your true colors
Shining through
Your true colors
That's why I love you
So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors
True colors are beautiful
Like a rainbow

You with a sad smile
Don't be unhappy, can't remember
When I last saw you laughing
If this world makes you crazy
And you've taken all you can bear
Just call me up
Because you know I'll be there

And I see your true colors
Shining through
Your true colors
That's why I love you
So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors
True colors are beautiful
Like a rainbow

Dig these:

Cyndi Lauper - True Colors (The Body Acoustic)
Aztec Camera - Jump
Aztec Camera - How Men Are

China Crisis - Acoustically Yours (1995)

Since Liverpool, England's China Crisis are already a quiet band to begin with, having them record an unplugged live album could've been a bad idea. After all, what's the appeal in hearing a stripped-down performance from a group that's always been mellow? Surprisingly, China Crisis answer that question with one of the most absorbing and lovingly constructed albums of their career. By removing the dated synthesizers, China Crisis' songs sound timeless; morever, the emotion in Gary Daly's voice isn't suppressed by keyboards. The track selection is superb; nearly all of China Crisis' best songs, including "Wishful Thinking," "African and White," and "Black Man Ray," are reworked for this set. The band doesn't shed the tracks of their initial strengths. For example, the drums on "African and White" are almost as forceful as those on the original. "Wishful Thinking," a song about a man who discovers that he's the father of an ex-lover's child, becomes even more heartbreaking as violins weave in and out of the mix. The guitar work in "Christian" and "Black Man Ray" is stunningly beautiful. Acoustically Yours exudes the warmth of a summer day; its laid-back grooves and sunny disposition are fitting for drives in the coutryside

Acoustically Yours

Gary Daly (Vocals)
Eddie Lundon (Guitar)
Brian McNeill (Keyboard)
Gazza Johnson (Bass)
Kevin Wilkinson (Drums)

Track Listing

01. African And White (4:31)stars png.png
02. No More Blue Horizons (4:21)
03. Wishful Thinking (4:24)stars png.png
04. Everyday The Same (5:13)
05. It's Everything (5:01)
06. Christian (4:28)
07. Good Again (3:33)
08. Hands On The Wheel (3:49)
09. Black Man Ray (3:33)stars png.png
10. King In A Catholic Style (4:19)stars png.png
11. Thank You (3:44)stars png.png
12. Singing The Praises Of Finer Things (5:26)
13. Working With Fire And Steel (3:51)
14. Diary Of A Hollow Horse (3:33)

Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Backing Vocals | John Lewis
Artwork By [Paintings] | Gary Daly
Bass, Guitar | Gary "Gazza" Johnson*
Cello | Joanne Graham
Drums, Percussion | Kevin Wilkinson , Tony Soave
Edited By | Paul Humphreys , Rick O'Neil
Engineer | Chalie Ward , Mark Phythian
Engineer [Assistant] | Gary Hodgson , Nigel Fogg
Keyboards, Backing Vocals | Brian McNeill
Mixed By | Mark Phythian , Paul Humphreys (tracks: 1 to 12)
Photography | Tim Sheard
Producer | Mark Phythian
Saxophone, Flute | Martin Green
Viola | Faye Hosty
Violin | Rachel Lewis
Vocals, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar | Eddie Lundon
Vocals, Guitar, Melodica | Gary Daly

Friday, January 21, 2011

China Crisis - Fine and Also Rare China (2007)

I bougth this home demo album for PhP 400 at the 01/21/2011 China Crisis Live concert held at EastWood Manila. I also made sure that this was autographed by Gary and Eddie :).

I'll be seing then again tonight as they'll perform live at The Fort 01/22/2011.

Fine And Also Rare China
Eddie Lundon(v/g), Gary Daly(v)

Bit rate: 320kbps

Track Listing

1. African And White (Home Demo 79/80)Outstanding Track
2. It's Over Now (Home Demo 96/97)
3. Northern Skies (Home Demo 88)
4. Real Tears (Home Demo 93)
5. Seven Sports For All (Home Demo 79/80)
6. Christian (Home Demo 79/80)
7. Song 4 Andre 3000 (Home Demo 92)
8. Thank You (Home Demo 93)Outstanding Track
9. Wishful Thinking (Live Liverpool 85)Outstanding Track
10. Slow Houses (Home Demo 84)


Red Letter Day (Diary of Hollow Horse 89)Outstanding Track
Black Man Ray (Flaunt The Imperfection 85)Outstanding Track
The Highest High (Flaunt The Imperfection 85)Outstanding Track

Sadder than mad in your company
all that we had was never enough
laugh at the blues
but the blues get a hold on me
and that's sad sadder than mad

Wanted to be part of the family
wanted to know when I was at home
laugh at the fool
but the fool takes effect on me
and it's sad sadder than mad
and it's sad sadder than mad

Trouble in mind
when I think of you
all I find is never enough
I want to talk and talk
but we don't know how
and that's sad sadder than mad

I see a treasure isle in front of me
I see a sly smile of contempt
I want to talk and talk
but we make no sense
and that's sad sadder than mad
and that's sad sadder than mad

Red letter day
and you and I, we're the same
enlighten my soul
could you enlighten my soul
and I'm not perfect I know

I'm going to take some time
make somebody happy
somebody special

What of the world you think so little of
what of the way I need to be right
all of your days and nights
so all alone
and that's sad sadder than mad

Is there a compromise we haven't made
show me a side I've never seen
all of your days and nights
so lonesome
and that's sad sadder than mad
and that's sad sadder than mad

Red letter day
and you and I, we're the same
enlighten my soul
could you enlighten my soul

I'm going to take some time
make somebody happy
somebody special

I let your world play on my sympathy
come on and take whatever you need
laugh at the fool
but the fool keeps affecting me
and that's sad sadder than mad
and it's sad sadder than mad
and it's sad sadder than mad

It's time we should talk about it
there's no secrets kept in here
forgive me for asking
now wipe away your tears

And if I wish to stop it all
and if I wish to comfort the fall
it's just wishful thinking

I sat on the roof
and watched the day go by
I see the likeness in his smile
and the way he stands
makes it all worth while

African and white
You're closer than
you really ever know
and we all run the risk of
to remain
silent I don't know

Life is a fever in Israel
Life is a fever in Israel

We need your faith
and hostility
to be certain of a change
and could you
ever recover from
forever recover
from this prejudice

Our life is like a fever
Our life is like a fever
Our life is like a fever
Our life is like a fever

Are we believing
Black man ray
are we not happy
in our own way
and we the people
the reason why
forever change
as time goes by

Yes, yes,
I could be wrong
why, why,
should I pretend
God only knows in the end

Are we believing
the heavenly survive
faith the future
big life on their side
and we the people
who can but try
forever learn
as time goes by

Yes, yes,
I could be wrong
why, why,
should I pretend
God only knows in the end

Are we believing
Black man ray
persuasive danger
in everything you say
and we the people
who answer you why
forever doubt
as time goes by

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Very Best of Echo & the Bunnymen (2006)

More Songs to Learn and Sing is a compilation album by Echo & the Bunnymen. Released September 11, 2006 (see 2006 in music), it is an update to the 1985 singles collection Songs to Learn & Sing. A number of tracks have been added to cover the band's career up until 2005's Siberia.

More Songs to Learn and Sing
Ian McCulloch(v),Will Sergeant(g),Les Pattinson(b),Pete de Freitas(d)

Track listing

1. "The Cutter"Outstanding Track
2. "The Back of Love"
3. "The Killing Moon"Outstanding Track
4. "Seven Seas"Outstanding Track
5. "Never Stop"
6. "Rescue"
7. "I Want to Be There (When You Come)"
8. "Don't Let It Get You Down"
9. "A Promise"
10. "Silver"
11. "People Are Strange"Outstanding Track
12. "Do it Clean"
13. "The Game"Outstanding Track
14. "Rust"
15. "Lips Like Sugar"Outstanding Track
16. "Nothing Lasts Forever"Outstanding Track
17. "Bring On The Dancing Horses"Outstanding Track
18. "Hang On To A Dream"
19. "It's Alright"
20. "Stormy Weather"

China Crisis Live in Manila


Just got 2 VIP tickets for the Jan 21st concert at Eastwood (Thanks Hon).
See you there..

Red Letter Day
Black Man Ray
The Highest High
Thank You
African and White (Live)
Wishful Thinking (Live)
Black Man Ray (Live)

December 2002 China Crisis' Daly and Lundon held a one night unplugged venue in Manila, Philippines, with the support of a local band, Rivermaya.


China Crisis is an English pop/rock band. They formed in 1979 in Kirkby, near Liverpool, Merseyside with a core of vocalist/keyboardist Gary Daly and guitarist Eddie Lundon. Their output was pop music similar in style to that of New Wave but with strong similarities to the post-punk movement of the early 1980s, namely inclusion of a broader range of musical influences and occasional flirtation with political commentary. Throughout their career, China Crisis has seen moderate success in the United Kingdom with ten hit singles between August 1982 and January 1987 and six albums, as well as commercial success in Western Europe, Australia and the Americas.

1982 Difficult Shapes & Passive Rhythms, Some People Think It's Fun to Entertain
1983 Working with Fire and Steel - Possible Pop Songs Volume Two
1985 Flaunt the Imperfection
1986 What Price Paradise
1989 Diary of a Hollow Horse
1994 Warped by Success


1990 Collection: The Very Best of China Crisis
1992 Diary: A Collection CD
1995 Acoustically Yours (Live) [Download Here]
1997 Collection: The Very Best of China Crisis
1998 The Best of China Crisis
1999 Wishful Thinking (Repackaged Acoustically Yours and Warped by Success)
2002 Scrap Book Vol. 1 (Live at the Dominion Theatre) (Concert from 1985)
2003 Diary: A Collection (Copy-protected reissue, changed album art)

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Wave Playlist #3

Matador (Extended Version) | X Mal Deutschland Love Will Tear Us Apart|Joy Division
Friday Im In Love (Rare Extended Version)|The Cure
Just Like Heaven (Dizzy Mix)|The Cure
Cut Here (Acoustic)|The Cure
Close To Me (Closer Mix)|The Cure
Signal To Noise (Acoustic)|The Cure
Unguarded Moments|The Church
Under The Milky Way|The Church
Metropolis|The Church
Don’t You (Forget About Me) (Extended Version)|Simple Minds
Don’t You (Forget About Me)|Simple Minds
I Go Crazy|Flesh For Lulu
Pretty In Pink|Psychedelic Furs
Left Of Center|Suzanne Vega and Joe Jackson
Shell Shock|New Order
Wouldn’t It Be Good|Danny Hutton Hitters
Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want|The Smiths
If You Leave (Remix)|OMD
Turn To The Sky|March Violets
Catch My Fall|Billy Idol
Breaking Away|Modern English
The Border|Modern English
Hands Across the Sea|Modern English
Thieves Like Us (12 Inch)|New Order
Love Moves In Strange Ways|Blue Zoo
State Of Art (12 Inch)|Friends Again
Confession|The Colourfield
The Cutter|Echo and the Bunnymen
Seven Seas|Echo and the Bunnymen
The Killing Moon|Echo and the Bunnymen
Rescue|Echo and the Bunnymen
People Are Strange|Echo and the Bunnymen
Silver|Echo and the Bunnymen
The Game|Echo and the Bunnymen
Lips Like Sugar|Echo and the Bunnymen
Nothing Lasts Forever|Echo and the Bunnymen
Bring On Th eDancing Horses|Echo and the Bunnymen
Pretty In Pink (12 Inch Mix)|Psychedelic Furs
If You Leave|OMD
If You Leave|Nada Surf
Wishful Thinking (Live)|China Crisis
African and White (Live)|China Crisis
Blackman Ray|China Crisis
True Colors|Aztec Camera
Jump|Aztec Camera
How Men Are|Aztec Camera
True Colors (The Body Acoustic)|Cyndi Lauper
Proud To Fall|Ian NcCulloch
Between Something and Nothing|The Ocean Blue
Drifting Falling|The Ocean Blue
Ask Me Jon|The Ocean Blue
A Familiar Face|The Ocean Blue
Diamonds and Emeralds|Care
Flaming Sword|Care
My Boyish Days (12 Inch)|Care
Whatever Possessed You|Care
Flaming Sword (12 Inch)|Care
All I Want|The Lightning Seeds
Joy|The Lightning Seeds
Pure|The Lightning Seeds
Wouldn’t It Be Good (12 Inch Version)|Nik Kershaw
Stay (Original Mix)|Marx and Spencer
Stay (Radio Version)|Marx and Spencer
…From Across The Kitchen Table (12 Inch Mix)|Pale Fountains
These Are The Things|Pale Fountains
…From Across The Kitchen Table|Pale Fountains
The Distance Between Us|Fra Lippo Lippi
Shouldn’t Have To Be Like That|Fra Lippo Lippi
Beauty and Madness|Fra Lippo Lippi
Angel|Fra Lippo Lippi
Stitches and Burns|Fra Lippo Lippi
Everytime I See You|Fra Lippo Lippi
Later|Fra Lippo Lippi
Angel (Extended Version)|Fra Lippo Lippi
Beauty and Madnes (Spiral Tribe Mix)|Fra Lippo Lippi
Come Summer (Extended Version)|Fra Lippo Lippi
Everytime I See You (Indie Mix)|Fra Lippo Lippi
Light and Shade (Spiral Tribe Mix)|Fra Lippo Lippi
Shouldn’t Have To Be Like That (Indie Mix)|Fra Lippo Lippi
The Distance Between Us (Spiral Tribe Mix)|Fra Lippo Lippi
Matador|Xmal Deutschland
Matador (Blood and Sand)|Xmal Deutschland
The Pan Within|The Waterboys
The Whole Of The Moon|The Waterboys
Uncertain Smile|The The
This Is The Day|The The
Perfect|The The
Uncertain Smile (Extended Version)|The The
This Is The Day (Spiral Tribe mix)|The The
Beds Are Burning|Midnight Oil
The Dead Heart|Midnight Oil
Sometimes|Midnight Oil
Beds Are Burning (MTV Unplugged)|Midnight Oil
Disorder|Joy Division
Pretty Is As Pretty Does|Guadalcanal Diary
Always Saturday|Guadalcanal Diary
Smiles and Jokes (Extended Mix)|White China
Tears (Original Arrangement - Very Different!)|The Chameleons
Tears (Full Arrangement)|The Chameleons
Two Rivers|The Adventures
Butterfly Girl|The Wild Swans
Melting Blue Delicious|The Wild Swans
Immaculate|The Wild Swans
Tangerine Temple|The Wild Swans
Tase Like Tuesday|The Wild Swans
Space Flower|The Wild Swans
Chocolate Bubblegum|The Wild Swans
Im a Lighthouse|The Wild Swans
Magic Hotel|The Wild Swans
Vanilla Melange|The Wild Swans
Melting Blue Delicious (Live)|The Wild Swans
Sugar Engines|The Wild Swans
Lantern Man (Live)|The Wild Swans
Magic Hotel (Live)|The Wild Swans
Telescope|The Wild Swans
Young manhood|The Wild Swans
Bible Dreams|The Wild Swans
Bitterness|The Wild Swans
Archangels|The Wild Swans
Northern England|The Wild Swans
Whirlpool Heart|The Wild Swans
Mythical Beast|The Wild Swans
Bringing Home The Ashes|The Wild Swans
Now and Forever|The Wild Swans
The Worst Year of My Life|The Wild Swans
Holy Holy|The Wild Swans
The World of Milk and Blood|The Wild Swans
1982|The Wild Swans
Pure Evil|The Wild Swans
Boys Don’t Cry|The Cure
10.15 Saturday Night|The Cure
Plastic Passion|The Cure
So What|The Cure
Accuracy|The Cure
Jumping Someone Elses Train|The Cure
Subway Song|The Cure
Killing An Arab|The Cure
Fire In Cairo|The Cure
Another Day|The Cure
Grinding halt|The Cure
Three Imaginary Biys|The Cure
Someones Calling|Modern English
Dawn Chorus|Modern English
Life in the Gladhouse|Modern English
Face of Wood|Modern English
I Melt With You|Modern English
Ater The Snow|Modern English
Carry Me Down|Modern English
Tables Turning|Modern English
Someones Calling (Studio)|Modern English
The Prize|Modern English
The Choicest View|Modern English

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Windows 7 BSOD after January 11 Updates

Fix: Start the PC, press F8 before it loads the Windows Logo to run on Safe Mode and it will revert the recent windows update.
Start normally and disable automatic installation of the Windows Update.
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