Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tuesday Blue - Shibumi (1988)

Big rock. Originally a trio with a drum machine. Barry Warner provided keyboards for an early lineup, Tom Jones (ex Average Contents / Toucandance) (keyboards/rhythm guitar) in later years. Liam Darcy was replaced by Ray Fean who'd played in one of Richie Laurence (AKA Larry Richardson)'s bands. The band spent about a year working on their LP during 1987-88, playing few gigs. This period seemed to cure them of their tendancy to drift in Simple Minds/Genesis and yielded new arrangements of songs like "Tunnel Vision" and "Tell The Boys". The LP was recorded in Montreaux in Switzerland with Bowie producer Dave Richards. It was released at the end of 1988 in the USA and in March 1989 in Europe. Tuesday Blue certainly nailed their sound on their debut album but too many of the songs lack memorable melodies or pop hooks and too often the bands sound favours bombast over subtlety. Most of the band members of the band are still active. Mike Ryan and Ralph Lindheim still perform regularly in Limerick. Dave Keary toured with Riverdance as did Ray Fean, who was later with Coolfin and had done lots of session work.

Dave Keary, Liam Darcy, Mike Ryan, Ralph Lindheim

Track listing

1. Tunnel VisionOutstanding Track
2. Tell The Boys
3. Love Me SimpleOutstanding Track
4. Between Smiles And Tears
5. Open Your Eyes
6. Cut And Dry
7. I Believe In You
8. Escape The Escape
9. Something Wrong With Your World.


"Love Me Simple" (Live at the Des O Dwyer tribute)
"Tunnel Vision" - Official Video
"Tunnel Vision" (Live)


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