Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Desert Wolves - Pontification Plus Four (2009 Re-Issue)

A much longed-for reissue of “Pontification” – now sold out compilation released by Firestation back in 2000. This new 2009 edition “Pontificaton Plus Four” includes all the tracks from The Desert Wolves original singles on Ugly Man and additional tracks from “Pontification”. Also included on the new edition of this classic album - with new artwork – are four bonustracks, three of them unreleased elsewhere! This compilation is a fabulous collection of songs by one of the finest bands from the English indiepop scene in the '80s – just like early Orange Juice they made jangly guitar pop that makes your feet want to move. With an added elegance in the production in the form of trumpets and piano they sound a bit like a mix of The Pale Fountains and Orange Juice – and the heartfelt and sweet vocals are really “up there” alongside Edwyn Collins’. A band that really deserves your attention! Nowadays Martin King and David Platten from The Desert Wolves play in the splendid The Vermont Sugar House.

Pontification Plus Four
2009 Re-Issue


01. Skin Deep
02. Mexico
03. Love Scattered Lives
04. Stopped In My Tracks
05. Desolation Sunday Morning
06. Passion In The Afternoon
07. Speak To Me, Rochelle
08. Besotted
09. November
10. The Gunmetal Jaguar
11. La Petite Rochelle
12. She Wore My Sweater
13. Passion In The Afternoon (Version)

Friday, November 4, 2011

This Final Frame - Collection (2011)

In 1980, the band made their first demo at Open Eye studios in Liverpool. It was their first recording of “The Diary”. This was played on local radio and passed around by local DJ Chris Fagan, which eventually led to the band being signed by RCA/Scratch records as stablemates of “The Icicle Works”. A local label based at Skeleton records, recorded the band’s second single “The Mask Falls Away” and appointed Dave Roylance as producer. Dave had worked with China Crisis but was also attracted to the orchestral sound of This Final Frame, the trumpets, strings and flute being prominent features of the track. Dave later wrote the Tall Ships suite for the Liverpool Philharmonic as well as the theme tune for long running soap opera “Brookside”.

The strength of the material attracted Direct records to sign the band, and again produced by Dave Roylance, released “Take No Prisoners” in 1985. After eighteen months break, Paul and Eamonn got together again and started to write and play live with Neil Shenton (ex Id) on bass, Greg Gowan on drums and Steve Jones on trumpet. After a few gigs the band recorded “Give Me Back” and released it on an independent label in 1988. Following the break up of the original line up in 1985, the release of Stories had led to some success in Germany and much greater success in the Phillipines. The band were unaware at the time that their songs were being played around the world and of their popularity in Asia.

The new album comes 21 years after the last This Final Frame release of their vinyl 7" single 'Give Me Back' in 1988. Time spent with jobs and family and only passing memories of music let the years slip by. Occasional 'get togethers' at Paul's house over the years sparked the idea of 'Could we do it again?' as there was a feeling that there was some unfinished business and that the band never got the recognition that they perhaps deserved.



01. "The Diary"
02. "Discontent"
03. "Monday's Child"
04. "The Mask (Falls Away)"
05. "Memories Are Stone"
06. "Take No Prisoners"
07. "Eden
08. "Stories"
09. "Blue And Grey"
10. "Give Me Back"
11. "When You're Around"
12. "The Diary (12" Version)"
13. "Take No Prisoners (Shortest Day Mix)"
14. "Stories (12" Version)"
15. "Training For Life (Demo)"
16. "Israel (Demo)"
17. "The Mistake (Demo)"
18. "Xhosa"
19. "Run To Me (Demo)"
20. "Always (2007 Demo)"

The previously released EPs.

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