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The Adventures - Theodore and Friends (1985 | 2009 Re-mastered)

Theodore and Friends is the debut album from the Irish rock band The Adventures, released in 1985.The album contained four minor UK chart hits; "Another Silent Day" (UK #71), "Feel The Raindrops" (UK #58), Two Rivers" (UK #96), and "Send My Heart" (UK #62) which was a hit in Germany and also featured on the soundtrack to the horror movie Demoni the same year. The album reached #65 in Germany, but did not chart in the UK.

Lead vocalist Terry Sharpe and guitarist Pat Gribben first worked together when in 1978 they joined punk band The Starjets. The band experienced limited success and disbanded in the early 1980s. Sharpe and Gribben then formed The Adventures in early 1984 with Gribben's wife, Eileen, Gerard Murphy, Tony Ayre and Paul Crowder

The album was reissued on compact disc in the UK in July 2009 under the Lemon imprint of Cherry Red Records. The reissue includes the original album with several bonus tracks.

Theodore and Friends
2009 Re-mastered

Track listing

Side one

1. "Always"
2. "Feel the Raindrops"
3. "Send My Heart"
4. "Two Rivers"Outstanding Track
5. "Don't Tell Me"

Side two

1. "Another Silent Day"
2. "When the World Turns Upside Down"
3. "Love in Chains"
4. "Lost in Hollywood"
5. "These Children"

Extra tracks on 2009 reissue:

1. "Feel The Raindrops" (Extended Remix)
2. "Happy Depression" (B-Side)
3. "Life During Wartime" (Live)
4. "Nowhere Near Me" (B-Side)
5. "Send My Heart" (Extended Remix)
6. "These Children" (Live)
7. "Tristesse En Vitesse" (B-Side)

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