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The Wild Swans - Magnitude (The Sire Years) (2007)

Titled Magnitude, the double CD release contains all sorts of extra goodies. This album is combination of Bringing Home the Ashes (1988)and Space Flower (1990). The disc of Bringing Home the Ashes is supplemented by the b-sides of the two singles, "Young Manhood" and "Bible Dreams". This is a must for any fans of winsome elegaic chiming guitar music, perhaps especially Echo and the Bunnymen fans. The one-note guitar solo in "Young Manhood" is a high point. The second album, Space Flower sees them drifting off-path into a faux bubblegum psychedelia, something Paul Simpson has made a bit of a career out of since, albeit in a more ambient vein. It's all lovely melodies, silly lyrics and phased guitar. The ten original tracks are here supplemented by five demos of tracks that never made the album, plus a Bill Drummond remix (calling KLF fans!) of "Melting Blue Delicious" and a session that never made the album ("Tastes Like Tuesday")

Magnitude (The Sire Yeas)
Paul Simpson,Jeremy Kelly, Joseph Fearon



1. Young ManhoodOutstanding Track
2. Bible DreamsOutstanding Track
3. BitternessOutstanding Track
4. ArchangelsOutstanding Track
5. Northern England
6. Whirlpool HeartOutstanding Track
7. Bringing Home The AshesOutstanding Track
8. Mythical Beast
9. Now And Forever
10. The Worst Year Of My LifeOutstanding Track
11. Holy Holy (bonus track)
12. World Of Milk And Blood (bonus track)
13. 1982 (bonus track)
14. Pure Evil (bonus track)



1. Melting Blue DeliciousOutstanding Track
2. Butterfly GirlOutstanding Track
3. Tangerine TempleOutstanding Track
4. ImmaculateOutstanding Track
5. Space Flower
6. Tastes Like Tuesday (previously unreleased)Outstanding Track
7. Chocolate BubblegumOutstanding Track
8. I'm A Lighthouse
9. Magic Hotel
10. Vanilla Melange
11. Sea Of Tranquillity
12. Melting Blue Delicious (Bill Drummond single version/bonus track)
13. Sugar Engines (demo/bonus track)
14. Chocolate Bubblegum (demo/bonus track)
15. Lantern Man (demo/bonus track)
16. Magic Hotel (demo/bonus track)
17. Telescope (demo/bonus track) 

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The Wild Swans Biography

Wild Swans 1988


Although there are countless groups who have released a couple of albums and then disappeared into the shadowy recesses of pop culture trivia, Liverpool's Wild Swans deserved a slightly better fate. Led by former Teardrop Explodes organist Paul Simpson, the group's pair of discs attracted little attention on either side of the Atlantic when released, yet stand up favorably, in retrospect, to the group's better-known contemporaries.
It took Wild Swans a while to get off the ground; an early lineup disbanded in the early '80s after recording a single for the Zoo label, but the band reconvened a few years later and released an official debut, Bringing Home The Ashes, in 1988. Although its most striking attribute was Simpson's vocal similarity to OMD's Andy McCluskey, the disc was filled with handsome, well-crafted guitar pop that gained a bit of color from splashes of organ and piano, and even made an occasional overture toward the dance floor. Simpson and bassist Joe Fearon made a far stronger impression with their 1990 follow-up, however, recruiting outstanding drummer Chris Sharrock and guitarist/vocalist Ian MacNabb from the Icicle Works, as well as that group's producer, Lightning Seeds frontman Ian Broudie. Powered by Sharrock's rock-solid timekeeping, Space Flower touched on mild funk ("Melting Blue Delicious"), psychedelic-tinged rock ("Tangerine Temple") and hummable, chiming pop ("Butterfly Girl;" the Smiths "Immaculate"), while Broudie glazed each of the album's 10 tracks with a likable, confident sheen.
That was the last transmission from the group, who exist now as a mere footnote to late-'80s pop. But those who bother to read the fine print and stumble onto Wild Swans may be in for a pleasant surprise indeed.

1990 Bringing Home The Ashes The Wild Swans

Bringing Home The Ashes
Jeremy Kelly, Joseph Fearon, Paul Simpson

Track listing

Young Manhood
Bible Dreams
Northern England
Whirlpool Heart
Bringing Home The Ashes
Mythical Beast
Now And Forever
Worst Year Of My Life
Enchanted (Updated)

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Emerging Influential Blogs of 2011

If you want to be given the chance to win $100 in cash, join the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2011 Writing Project of Ms. Janette Toral. Just list your top 10 and you have an entry. To read more, please visit the post HERE.
  1. Mom Writes An Honest account of a regular mom's blog
  2. My Painted Lips – My Wife loves her blog.. she even tries to find the shades that the author discusses in her bloog
  3. Mommy Survival Guide - I really like this blog. It's is nice to learn  different parenting styles from other parents
  4. My Green Living Ideas -We need a lot more Eco Friendly Blogs
  5. The Tottering Mama - A blogger who shares a lot of things  from her personal life and family.
  6. Notepad Corner - A blog on household management..
  7. The Pepperrific Life -  Her strength is her influence we can learn a thing or two from her
  8. Certified Foodies - A Great Food Blog.. Well Written!!
  9. LEVYousa - A Very interesting blog with a very interesting point of view
  10. The Bloggers Journal -A very informative Blog
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