Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Psychedelic Furs - Greatest Hits (2001)

Paul Weller once said "I never understood why the Psychedelic Furs didn't sell more records." Richard Butler broke up the band in 1991, letting the Psychedelic Furs' synth-tinged, horn-revered sound to fade away in the surge of '90s grunge rock, and their chances of really becoming a global success never fully developed. They achieved moderate success in their native U.K. with songs such as "All That Money Wants" and "President Gas," but only the American college charts paid attention to what the Psychedelic Furs were trying to do. They were poster boys for a short time, but their music does indeed have a lasting power. All of This and Nothing (1988) was released shortly after the Psych Furs' big break in America thanks to the popularity of "Heartbreak Beat" and the John Hughes soundtrack classic "Pretty in Pink." The extensive, overwhelming double-disc Should God Forget: A Retrospective followed in 1997, offering lost grooves, B-sides, and outtakes aside from the hits, yet a medium was not found. Columbia's own Greatest Hits package (2001) might be the closest thing to complete, but loyal Psych Furs fans will beg to differ. The 17-track setlist was handpicked by Tim Butler, streaming through the band's career of 14 years. The typical favorites and other cult classics such as "Love My Way," "Dumb Waiters," "Sister Europe," and "Heaven" are included, as well as the previously unavailable single version of "Mr. Jones." Sadly, the collection also failed to recognize 1989's Book of Days. That particular album wasn't commercially tailored to the band's keyboard antics, but the passion and desire was exactly the same, especially compared to the illustrious imagery on Talk Talk Talk. It shouldn't be left off this best of compilation, for songs such as "Shine" and "Entertain Me" are just as deserving to be remembered. Featuring "Sometimes" from 1991's A World Outside might make up for it in a small way, but not entirely. No wonder the band didn't sell more records. The marketing support wasn't always there to back them up.

Greatest Hits

Track listing

1. Sister Europe 5:42
2. Mr. Jones (Single Version) 3:24
3. Dumb Waiters 5:04
4. Pretty in Pink (Original Version) 3:59
5. Love My Way 3:32
6. President Gas 5:17
7. Here Come Cowboys 3:56
8. Heaven 3:27
9. Heartbeat 5:19
10. The Ghost In You 4:17
11. Heartbreak Beat 5:14
12. Angels Don't Cry 3:56
13. All That Money Wants 3:47
14. Sometimes 4:15
15. Until She Comes 3:47
16. There's A World Outside 4:48
17. Only You And I (Live) 6:39

nWu Bonus: Live from House of Blues

Heaven (Live)
The Ghost In You (Live)
Love My Way (Live)
Pretty In Pink (Live)

nWu Bonus:

Pretty In Pink (Radio Edit)
Love My Way (Edge Mix)
The Ghost In You (Remix)
Pretty In Pink (Extended Version)

 Album Inlays (1432x706)


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