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Echo & the Bunnymen - Lips Like Sugar 12" (1987)

"Lips Like Sugar" is a single by Echo & the Bunnymen which was released in August 1987. It was the second single from their 1987 eponymous album. It reached number 36 on the UK Singles Chart and number 24 on the Irish Singles Chart. The single was released as a 7-inch single and a 12-inch single by WEA Records and by Sire Records as a 12-inch single in the U.S.
The B-side to the 7-inch single is a track called "Rollercoaster". This track was moved to the A-side alongside a remixed version of the title track for the British 12-inch single and was released as a double A-side backed with a cover version of The Doors' "People Are Strange", which was recorded for the soundtrack of the film The Lost Boys and was released as a single in its own right the following year (1988). The U.S. 12-inch single had the same A-side as the British 12-inch single with two other mixes of the title track on the B-side.

Ian McCulloch wrote the lyrics to "Lips Like Sugar" and "Rollercoaster". The music to "Lips Like Sugar" was written by McCulloch, Will Sergeant and Les Pattinson and the music to "Rollercoaster" was written by McCulloch, Sergeant, Pattinson and Pete de Freitas. "Lips Like Sugar" was produced by Laurie Latham, "Rollercoaster" was produced by The Bunnymen and Gil Norton and "People Are Strange" was produced by Ray Manzarek.

Lips Like Sugar 12"
1987 WEA YZ144T
Ian McCulloch (v), Will Sergeant (g), Les Pattinson (d), Pete de Freitas (b)

Track Listing

A1. "Lips Like Sugar" - 4:37
A2. "Rollercoaster" - 4:05
B1. "People Are Strange" - 4:32


"Lips Like Sugar" (Acoustic) - 4:15
"Lips Like Sugar" (12" Dub) - 6:08
"Lips Like Sugar" (12" Mix) - 6:01
"Lips Like Sugar" (Single Mix) - 4:54
"Lips Like Sugar" (Live in Liverpool 2002)



she floats like a swan grace on the water
lips like sugar, lips like sugar
just when you think you've caught her
she glides across the water
she calls for you tonight to share this moonlight

you'll flow down her river
she'll ask you and you'll give her
lips like sugar , sugar kisses
lips like sugar, sugar kisses

she knows what she knows
i know what she's thinking
sugar kisses, sugar kisses
just when you think she's yours
she's flown to other shores
to laugh at how you break
and melt into this lake

you'll flow down her river
but you'll never give her
lips like sugar, sugar kisses
lips like sugar, sugar kisses

she'll be my mirror
reflect what I am
a loser and a winner
the King of Siam
and my Siamese twin
alone on the river
mirror kisses
mirror kisses

lips like sugar, sugar kisses
lips like sugar, sugar kisses
lips like sugar, sugar kisses
lips like sugar, sugar kisses
lips like sugar, sugar kisses
lips like sugar ,sugar kisses


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