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The Essential Clash (2003)

The Essential Clash is a career-spanning greatest hits album by The Clash first released in 2003. It is part of the on-going 'The Essential' Sony BMG compilation series. The album is dedicated to Joe Strummer, who died during compilation of this album.
The B-side recording titled "Radio Clash" was accidentally released on the US version of this album with the incorrect A-side title of "This Is Radio Clash", much like it had been on Super Black Market Clash. Both tracks have the same length and the only notable difference is in the two mixes and the lyrics. The similarities of the titles and the recordings has led to quite a bit of confusion not only by fans but by record companies as well. The two songs can be identified by the opening lyrics. "This Is Radio Clash" begins with "This is radio clash on pirate satellite, Orbiting your living room, cashing in the bill of rights" and "Radio Clash" begins with "This is radio clash resuming of transmission, beaming from the mountain tops using aural ammunition." Apart from these two compilations, every other compilation (including the European version of "The Essential Clash") where "This Is Radio Clash" is listed on the sleeve includes the original song rather than its similarly titled B-side.

The Essential Clash

All songs written by Joe Strummer and Mick Jones, except where noted.

Disc one

1."White Riot" – 1:59
2."London's Burning" – 2:10Outstanding Track
3."Complete Control" – 3:13Outstanding Track
4."Clash City Rockers" (original version) – 3:56
5."I'm So Bored with the U.S.A." – 2:25
6."Career Opportunities" – 1:52Outstanding Track
7."Hate & War" – 2:05
8."Cheat" – 2:06
9."Police & Thieves" (Murvin-Perry) – 6:00
10."Janie Jones" – 2:05
11."Garageland" – 3:13
12."Capital Radio One" – 2:09
13."(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais" – 4:01
14."English Civil War" (traditional, arranged by Jones-Strummer) – 2:36
15."Tommy Gun" – 3:17
16."Safe European Home" – 3:51
17."Julie's Been Working for the Drug Squad" – 3:04
18."Stay Free" – 3:40
19."Groovy Times" – 3:30
20."I Fought the Law" (Curtis) – 2:39Outstanding Track

Disc two

1."London Calling" (Jones-Strummer) – 3:20
2."The Guns of Brixton" (Paul Simonon) – 3:10
3."Clampdown" (Jones-Strummer) – 3:50
4."Rudie Can't Fail" (Jones-Strummer) – 3:29
5."Lost in the Supermarket" (Jones-Strummer) – 3:47Outstanding Track
6."Jimmy Jazz" (Jones-Strummer) – 3:55
7."Train in Vain (Stand by Me)" (Jones-Strummer) – 3:11
8."Bankrobber" (Jones-Strummer) – 4:35
9."The Magnificent Seven" – 5:33
10."Ivan Meets G.I. Joe" – 3:07
11."Police on My Back" (Grant) – 3:17 (UK version replaces this track with "Broadway" – 4:56, placing it between "The Street Parade" and "This Is Radio Clash")
12."Stop the World" – 2:33
13."Somebody Got Murdered" – 3:34Outstanding Track
14."The Street Parade" – 3:29
15."This Is Radio Clash" (The recording included on the US version is actually the B-side "Radio Clash", not the A-side) – 4:11
16."Ghetto Defendant" – 4:44
17."Rock the Casbah" – 3:42Outstanding Track
18."Straight to Hell" – 5:30
19."Should I Stay or Should I Go" – 3:08Outstanding Track
20."This Is England" (Rhodes-Strummer) – 3:50


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