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Best Of The Boomtown Rats (2004)

The Best of the Boomtown Rats features 19 of The Boomtown Rats greatest hits. The Boomtown Rats were an Irish punk rock band that had a series of Irish and UK hits between 1977 and 1985. They were led by vocalist Bob Geldof.

All six members were originally from DĂșn Laoghaire, Ireland. Formed under the name "The Nightlife Thugs," the group agreed on the name change to the "Boomtown Rats" after a gang that Geldof read about in Woody Guthrie's autobiography, Bound for Glory. They became a notable band, but one whose accomplishments were overshadowed by the charity work of frontman Bob Geldof, a former journalist with the NME magazine. [wiki]

Best Of The Boomtown Rats
Bob Geldof (v), Garry Roberts (g), Johnnie Moylett (k), Patrick Cusack, Simon Crowe (b),Gerry Cott (g)

Bit rate: 320kbps

Track listing

1."She's So Modern"
2."Mary of the 4th Form"
3."Rat Trap"
4."Looking After No. 1"
5."When the Night Comes"
6."Someone's Looking at You"
7."Joey's on the Street Again"
8."Banana Republic"
10."I Don't Like Mondays"
11."Like Clockwork"
12."(I Never Loved) Eva Braun"
13."Neon Heart"
14."Never in a Million Years"
15."Diamond Smiles"
16."Drag Me Down"
17."I Can Make It (If You Can)"
18."The Elephant's Graveyard"
19."Fall Down"

DVD Version: Promo Videos

1."Lookin' After No. 1"
2."She's So Modern"
3."Like Clockwork"
4."Rat Trap"
5."I Don't Like Mondays"
6."Diamond Smiles"
7."Someone's Looking at You"
8."Banana Republic"
9."The Elephant's Graveyard"
10."Never in a Million Years"
11."House on Fire"
14."Drag Me Down"
15."A Hold on Me"

Live Hammersmith Apollo 1984

2."The Elephant's Graveyard"
3."Charmed Lives"
5."Neon Heart"
6."Someone's Looking at You"
8."A Hold of Me"
9."I Don't Like Mondays"
10."Talk in Code"
11."Rat Trap"
12."Drag Me Down"
13."Lookin' After No. 1"

Bonus Materials:

1."The Music Machine" (1977)
2."Lookin' After No. 1" (1977)
3."Mary of the 4th Form" (Top of the Pops 1977)
4."Arnold Lane" (6.55 special 1982)
5."Do They Know it's Christmas?" (The Tube 1985)
6."News Flash" (1980)
7."Keep It Up" (Live)
8."Like Clockwork" (Live)
9."Self Aid" (1986 - "Joey on Streets Again")

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