Monday, March 28, 2011

Treebound Story - 12" EP (1986-1989)

Treebound Story began life at Firth Park School and consisted of 5 friends; Paul Infanti (vocal) Richard Hawley (Guitar/BV’s) Paul Currie (Bass),Rob Gregory (Drums) and Simon Beckett (percussion). Taking their influences from The Byrds, Flying Burrito’s, 13th Floor Elevators and Chocolate Watchband (to name a few) their music was fresh, melodic and guitar driven. It was focused on traditional song writing values and ignored the current fads; electronic, goth and house.

Odd then that Treebound Story became signed to FON records in Sheffield; owned by Industrial Funk outfit Chakk it seemed an unlikely label to release their first single. They went on to release one more single on FON before being picked up by Doncaster label Native Records. The band released one recognised classic ‘Swimming In The Heart Of Jane’ which was a John Peel favourite at least. But after years of staying together as a tight band of brothers the labels inability to release their recorded debut album became one let down too many and the band finally accepted their fate as they split in 1992 after a number of years being the hottest band in Sheffeld along with their notional rivals Pulp (the bands were never so much rivals as much as being both bands who everyone knew should succeed).

Richard Hawley (g), Paul Infanti (v/g),Paul Currie (b), Rob Gregory (d), Simon Beckett (p)

I Remember 12"
1986 Fon Records


A1. "I Remember"
A2. "Like A Fool"
B1. "Hunger Mountain High"
B2. "If I'd Known"
My Life's Example 12"
1986 Fon Records


A1. "My Life's Example"
B1. "Forever Green"
B2. "My Life's Example (Cement Mix)"

Take It 12"
1989 Native Records
Recorded Live At Axis Studios Sheffield, September 1989


A1. "Take It"
B1. "Your Kind"
B2. "Trains and Boats And Planes"
Swimming In The Heart Of Jane 12"
1989 Native Records
Recorded at Axis, sheffield Dec 1988


A1. "Swimming In The Heart Of Jane"
A2. "On The Rocks"
B1. "The Butterfly Dies"
B2. "Rain, Rain, Rain"


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