Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fra Lippo Lippi - The Virgin Years (Greatest Hits) (1995)

The Virgin Years - Greatest Hits is a compilation album by Norwegian pop rock group Fra Lippo Lippi released exclusively in the Philippines. Unlike the 1995 compilation The Best of Fra Lippo Lippi '85-'95 (which contains re-recordings due to legal reasons), this album contains the original recordings of songs from the band's albums Songs (the 1986 Virgin release, though these tracks themselves are remixes from the original 1985 edition of the album) and Light and Shade; this was made possible by OctoArts Records' partnership with EMI, the parent company of the band's former record label Virgin Records.

The Virgin Years


Track listing: [Enjoy]

01. The Distance Between Us
02. Shouldn't Have To Be Like That
03. Come Summer
04. Angel
05. Beauty And Madness
06. Light And Shade
07. Stitches And Burns
08. Everytime I see You
09. Some People
10. Just Like Me
11. Regrets
12. Later
13. Home
14. Freedom
15. Coming Home
16. Crash Of Light
17. Thief In Paradise
18. Crazy Wisdom
19. Indifference
Bonus Tracks: [Enjoy]

20. Angel (12'' Extended Version)
21. Beauty And Madness (Spiral Tribe Mix)
22. Come Summer (12'' Extended Version)
23. Come Summer (Remix Version)
24. Everytime I See You (Indie Mix)
25. Fade Away (Live Version)
26. Light And Shade (Spiral Tribe Mix)
27. Mother's Little Soldier (12'' Extended Version)
28. Regrets (Live Version)
29. Shouldn't Have To Be Like That (Indie Mix)
30. The Distance Between Us (Spiral Tribe Mix)


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