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Monaco - Music For Pleasure (1997)

Monaco was a side project of New Order bassist Peter Hook. Together with David Potts, the only remaining member of Revenge, the band was formed in 1995. The group is best known for the 1997 single "What Do You Want From Me?" and the album from which it was taken, Music for Pleasure, which sold over half a million copies.
Music For Pleasure was the debut album released in 1997 and reached No. 11 in the UK. The album sold more than 500,000 copies worldwide, with its first single, "What Do You Want from Me?", often mistaken for a New Order song. The band recorded one more album before dissolving in 2000.

"What Do You Want From Me?" was one of two hit singles in the UK. It reached No. 11 in March 1997, while "Sweet Lips" hit No. 18, in May.

The cover is designed by Peter Saville and the cover photograph was taken by Sam Taylor-Wood

Music For Pleasure
Peter Hook, David Potts

Track listing

1. "What Do You Want From Me?" – 4:09Outstanding Track
2. "Shine" – 5:32Outstanding Track
3. "Sweet Lips" – 4:11
4. "Buzz Gum" – 6:05
5. "Blue" – 2:40
6. "Junk" – 9:14
7. "Billy Bones" – 4:59
8. "Happy Jack" – 4:12
9. "Tender" – 4:34
10. "Sedona" – 6:54
11. "Under The Stars" (Bonus Track)


"What Do You Want From Me?" (12" Version)Outstanding Track


"What Do You Want From Me?" - Music Video (US)

Monaco Line Up

Peter Hook (bass guitar, vocals)
David Potts (drums, guitar, keyboards, vocals, bass)


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