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A House - On Our Big Fat Merry-Go Round (1988)

On Our Big Fat Merry-Go-Round is the debut album of Irish rock band A House. Released in 1988, the album reveals a taste for driving, catchy guitar rock somewhat in the style of U2. The lyrics are full of attitude, including attacks on journalists ("That's Not the Truth") and production team Stock, Aitken & Waterman ("Stone the Crows"). The lyrics evoke violent imagery as well; song titles include "I Want to Kill Something," "Watch Out You're Dead," and "Violent Love."

The album contains the raving "Call Me Blue," which reached number nine on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart in December 1988.

On Our Big Fat Merry-Go Round
Dave Couse

Track listing:

1. "Call Me Blue" – 2:11
2. "I Want to Kill Something" – 2:24
3. "I'll Always Be Grateful" - 2:42 Outstanding Track
4. "My Little Lighthouse" - 4:02
5. "Watch Out You're Dead" - 3:00
6. "Don't Ever Think You're Different" - 2:10
7. "That's Not the Truth" - 2:33
8. "Love of the Eighties" - 2:51
9. "Violent Love" - 2:06
10. "Love Quarry" - 2:32
11. "Clump of Trees" - 3:27
12. "Stone the Crows" - 3:13
13. "Hay When the Sun Shines" - 2:50
14. "Freak Out" - 2:40 *Extra track on CD versions of the album; originally a B-side on the Call Me Blue single.

I'll Always Be Grateful (Lyrics)

Nine long months you've spent thinking of me
And all the following years
Spent between the laughter and tears
Self-denial you gave, too good to shout it out loud
There's a second love, but blood is thicker than skin

I'll always be grateful
I'll always be grateful
I'll always be grateful
For you

And the man's done his best with those old-fashioned ways
And I know you've tried hard, I can see it in your face
If I had of known then what I could have known now
I hate to patronize and even more I hate to criticize


I must be painfully dull to do what I have done
By not showing love to those people that I love
But, still you accept what I've done proving time and time again
That someday I realize, but by then it's all too late


And I'll never be hateful

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