Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Modern English - Mesh & Lace EP (1981)

The debut album by this overlooked 4AD outfit from Colchester in Essex. In many ways, Modern English helped to define the sound and image of that pioneering label; while admittedly pretentious at times, they were also sharp-edged, intellectual, and obsessed with aestheticism. The standouts here are the title track, "Smiles and Laughter," and "Gathering Dust," an epic post-punk exercise in aural dynamics. The keyboard rush that they employ is one of the punkiest uses of Stephen Walker's synthesizer imaginable — at least prior to the development of the industrial movement. (itunes)

Mesh and Lace EP
1981 4AD
Robbie Grey (v/g), Gary McDowell (g),Richard Brown (d),Mick Conroy (b),Stephen Walker (k)

Track Listing

1. "16 Days"
2. "Just A Thought"
3. "Move In Light"
4. "Grief"
5. "The Token Man"
6. "A Viable Commercial"
7. "Black Houses"
8. "Dance Of  Devotion" (A Love Song)


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