Monday, January 17, 2011

New Wave Playlist #3

Matador (Extended Version) | X Mal Deutschland Love Will Tear Us Apart|Joy Division
Friday Im In Love (Rare Extended Version)|The Cure
Just Like Heaven (Dizzy Mix)|The Cure
Cut Here (Acoustic)|The Cure
Close To Me (Closer Mix)|The Cure
Signal To Noise (Acoustic)|The Cure
Unguarded Moments|The Church
Under The Milky Way|The Church
Metropolis|The Church
Don’t You (Forget About Me) (Extended Version)|Simple Minds
Don’t You (Forget About Me)|Simple Minds
I Go Crazy|Flesh For Lulu
Pretty In Pink|Psychedelic Furs
Left Of Center|Suzanne Vega and Joe Jackson
Shell Shock|New Order
Wouldn’t It Be Good|Danny Hutton Hitters
Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want|The Smiths
If You Leave (Remix)|OMD
Turn To The Sky|March Violets
Catch My Fall|Billy Idol
Breaking Away|Modern English
The Border|Modern English
Hands Across the Sea|Modern English
Thieves Like Us (12 Inch)|New Order
Love Moves In Strange Ways|Blue Zoo
State Of Art (12 Inch)|Friends Again
Confession|The Colourfield
The Cutter|Echo and the Bunnymen
Seven Seas|Echo and the Bunnymen
The Killing Moon|Echo and the Bunnymen
Rescue|Echo and the Bunnymen
People Are Strange|Echo and the Bunnymen
Silver|Echo and the Bunnymen
The Game|Echo and the Bunnymen
Lips Like Sugar|Echo and the Bunnymen
Nothing Lasts Forever|Echo and the Bunnymen
Bring On Th eDancing Horses|Echo and the Bunnymen
Pretty In Pink (12 Inch Mix)|Psychedelic Furs
If You Leave|OMD
If You Leave|Nada Surf
Wishful Thinking (Live)|China Crisis
African and White (Live)|China Crisis
Blackman Ray|China Crisis
True Colors|Aztec Camera
Jump|Aztec Camera
How Men Are|Aztec Camera
True Colors (The Body Acoustic)|Cyndi Lauper
Proud To Fall|Ian NcCulloch
Between Something and Nothing|The Ocean Blue
Drifting Falling|The Ocean Blue
Ask Me Jon|The Ocean Blue
A Familiar Face|The Ocean Blue
Diamonds and Emeralds|Care
Flaming Sword|Care
My Boyish Days (12 Inch)|Care
Whatever Possessed You|Care
Flaming Sword (12 Inch)|Care
All I Want|The Lightning Seeds
Joy|The Lightning Seeds
Pure|The Lightning Seeds
Wouldn’t It Be Good (12 Inch Version)|Nik Kershaw
Stay (Original Mix)|Marx and Spencer
Stay (Radio Version)|Marx and Spencer
…From Across The Kitchen Table (12 Inch Mix)|Pale Fountains
These Are The Things|Pale Fountains
…From Across The Kitchen Table|Pale Fountains
The Distance Between Us|Fra Lippo Lippi
Shouldn’t Have To Be Like That|Fra Lippo Lippi
Beauty and Madness|Fra Lippo Lippi
Angel|Fra Lippo Lippi
Stitches and Burns|Fra Lippo Lippi
Everytime I See You|Fra Lippo Lippi
Later|Fra Lippo Lippi
Angel (Extended Version)|Fra Lippo Lippi
Beauty and Madnes (Spiral Tribe Mix)|Fra Lippo Lippi
Come Summer (Extended Version)|Fra Lippo Lippi
Everytime I See You (Indie Mix)|Fra Lippo Lippi
Light and Shade (Spiral Tribe Mix)|Fra Lippo Lippi
Shouldn’t Have To Be Like That (Indie Mix)|Fra Lippo Lippi
The Distance Between Us (Spiral Tribe Mix)|Fra Lippo Lippi
Matador|Xmal Deutschland
Matador (Blood and Sand)|Xmal Deutschland
The Pan Within|The Waterboys
The Whole Of The Moon|The Waterboys
Uncertain Smile|The The
This Is The Day|The The
Perfect|The The
Uncertain Smile (Extended Version)|The The
This Is The Day (Spiral Tribe mix)|The The
Beds Are Burning|Midnight Oil
The Dead Heart|Midnight Oil
Sometimes|Midnight Oil
Beds Are Burning (MTV Unplugged)|Midnight Oil
Disorder|Joy Division
Pretty Is As Pretty Does|Guadalcanal Diary
Always Saturday|Guadalcanal Diary
Smiles and Jokes (Extended Mix)|White China
Tears (Original Arrangement - Very Different!)|The Chameleons
Tears (Full Arrangement)|The Chameleons
Two Rivers|The Adventures
Butterfly Girl|The Wild Swans
Melting Blue Delicious|The Wild Swans
Immaculate|The Wild Swans
Tangerine Temple|The Wild Swans
Tase Like Tuesday|The Wild Swans
Space Flower|The Wild Swans
Chocolate Bubblegum|The Wild Swans
Im a Lighthouse|The Wild Swans
Magic Hotel|The Wild Swans
Vanilla Melange|The Wild Swans
Melting Blue Delicious (Live)|The Wild Swans
Sugar Engines|The Wild Swans
Lantern Man (Live)|The Wild Swans
Magic Hotel (Live)|The Wild Swans
Telescope|The Wild Swans
Young manhood|The Wild Swans
Bible Dreams|The Wild Swans
Bitterness|The Wild Swans
Archangels|The Wild Swans
Northern England|The Wild Swans
Whirlpool Heart|The Wild Swans
Mythical Beast|The Wild Swans
Bringing Home The Ashes|The Wild Swans
Now and Forever|The Wild Swans
The Worst Year of My Life|The Wild Swans
Holy Holy|The Wild Swans
The World of Milk and Blood|The Wild Swans
1982|The Wild Swans
Pure Evil|The Wild Swans
Boys Don’t Cry|The Cure
10.15 Saturday Night|The Cure
Plastic Passion|The Cure
So What|The Cure
Accuracy|The Cure
Jumping Someone Elses Train|The Cure
Subway Song|The Cure
Killing An Arab|The Cure
Fire In Cairo|The Cure
Another Day|The Cure
Grinding halt|The Cure
Three Imaginary Biys|The Cure
Someones Calling|Modern English
Dawn Chorus|Modern English
Life in the Gladhouse|Modern English
Face of Wood|Modern English
I Melt With You|Modern English
Ater The Snow|Modern English
Carry Me Down|Modern English
Tables Turning|Modern English
Someones Calling (Studio)|Modern English
The Prize|Modern English
The Choicest View|Modern English


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