Monday, January 24, 2011

China Crisis - Acoustically Yours (1995)

Since Liverpool, England's China Crisis are already a quiet band to begin with, having them record an unplugged live album could've been a bad idea. After all, what's the appeal in hearing a stripped-down performance from a group that's always been mellow? Surprisingly, China Crisis answer that question with one of the most absorbing and lovingly constructed albums of their career. By removing the dated synthesizers, China Crisis' songs sound timeless; morever, the emotion in Gary Daly's voice isn't suppressed by keyboards. The track selection is superb; nearly all of China Crisis' best songs, including "Wishful Thinking," "African and White," and "Black Man Ray," are reworked for this set. The band doesn't shed the tracks of their initial strengths. For example, the drums on "African and White" are almost as forceful as those on the original. "Wishful Thinking," a song about a man who discovers that he's the father of an ex-lover's child, becomes even more heartbreaking as violins weave in and out of the mix. The guitar work in "Christian" and "Black Man Ray" is stunningly beautiful. Acoustically Yours exudes the warmth of a summer day; its laid-back grooves and sunny disposition are fitting for drives in the coutryside

Acoustically Yours

Gary Daly (Vocals)
Eddie Lundon (Guitar)
Brian McNeill (Keyboard)
Gazza Johnson (Bass)
Kevin Wilkinson (Drums)

Track Listing

01. African And White (4:31)stars png.png
02. No More Blue Horizons (4:21)
03. Wishful Thinking (4:24)stars png.png
04. Everyday The Same (5:13)
05. It's Everything (5:01)
06. Christian (4:28)
07. Good Again (3:33)
08. Hands On The Wheel (3:49)
09. Black Man Ray (3:33)stars png.png
10. King In A Catholic Style (4:19)stars png.png
11. Thank You (3:44)stars png.png
12. Singing The Praises Of Finer Things (5:26)
13. Working With Fire And Steel (3:51)
14. Diary Of A Hollow Horse (3:33)

Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Backing Vocals | John Lewis
Artwork By [Paintings] | Gary Daly
Bass, Guitar | Gary "Gazza" Johnson*
Cello | Joanne Graham
Drums, Percussion | Kevin Wilkinson , Tony Soave
Edited By | Paul Humphreys , Rick O'Neil
Engineer | Chalie Ward , Mark Phythian
Engineer [Assistant] | Gary Hodgson , Nigel Fogg
Keyboards, Backing Vocals | Brian McNeill
Mixed By | Mark Phythian , Paul Humphreys (tracks: 1 to 12)
Photography | Tim Sheard
Producer | Mark Phythian
Saxophone, Flute | Martin Green
Viola | Faye Hosty
Violin | Rachel Lewis
Vocals, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar | Eddie Lundon
Vocals, Guitar, Melodica | Gary Daly


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