Wednesday, October 26, 2011

VA - Winters Of Discontent - The Peel Sessions 77-83 (1991)

A feature of Peel's BBC Radio 1 shows were the famous John Peel Sessions, which usually consisted of four songs recorded by an artist live in the BBC's studios, and which often provided the first major national coverage to bands that later would achieve great fame (These 'sessions' are similar to 'Live Lounge' sessions recorded today for the station). The BBC employed it's own house bands and orchestras and it also engaged outside bands to record exclusive tracks for its programmes in BBC studios. This was the reason why Peel was able to use "session men" in his own programmes. Sessions were usually recorded and mixed in a single day; as such they often had a rough and ready, demo-like feel, somewhere between a live performance and a finished recording. John Peel remained on BBC Radio 1 for 37 years, until his death in 2004. During that time over 4000 sessions were recorded by over 2000 artists. Many classic Peel Sessions have been released on record, particularly by the Strange Fruit label and this one of these. - wilddevilrules

Absolutely and ridiculously great collection of nearly every important Post-Punk band you can think of, live at Maida Vale studios. Yep, all of these recordings were radio sessions for the late, great DJ, John Peel. To name just a few of the artists featured, how about Buzzcocks, The Skids, The Ruts, The Birthday Party, Young Marble Giants, The Redskins, Associates, The Chameleons and many, many more. As you already know, John Peel wanted each artist to feel comfortable and to experiment. Bands tended to stretch out a bit, relax and have fun. These sessions prove this to be the case. 25 tracks, all of them Fan-Fucking-Tastic. - isupplythecountrywithbutter

Winters Of Discontent - The Peel Sessions 77-83


01. "Somethin' Better Change" - The Stranglers
02. "Love In A Void" - Siouxsie And The Banshees
03. "Gary Gilmore's Eyes" - The Adverts
04. "Shoplifting" - The Slits
05. "Fast Cars" - The Buzzcocks
06. "Rich Kids" - Rich Kids
07. "Of One Skin" - The Skids
08. "It Doesn't Matter" - Adam And The Ants
09. "Another Girl Another Planet" - The Only Ones
10. "Suspect Device" - Stiff Little Fingers
11. "Mess Of My" - The Fall
12. "Stretcher Case" - The Dammned
13. "Anti-Pope" - King
14. "Read It In Books" - Echo & the Bunnymen
15. "Sus" - The Ruts
16. "A Brand New Life" - Young Marble Giants
17. "Start From Scratch" - The Nightingales
18. "Big Jesus Trash Can" - The Birthday Party
19. "A Matter Of Gender" - The Associates
20. "The Fan And The Bellows" - The Chameleons
21. "Wall Of Fir" - The Very Things
22. "Enchanted" - The Wild Swans
23. "Sun" - Microdisney
24. "Kick Over The Statues" - Redskins
25. "A New England" - Billy Bragg


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