Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Railway Children - Gentle Sound (2003)

An album which highlights the 'Best Of ' The Railway Children as chosen by the fans. These tracks span the life of TRC and include Factory, Virgin and the more recent Ether songs. This time however the recordings are largely acoustic. Recorded in Tokyo, Gary Newby has stripped the songs bare and then rebuilt each song with a new enthusiasm, giving each song a completely different and more contemporary feel. Mainly acoustic, giving the album the kind of warmth you'd expect from an MTV unplugged album. Above all though the album gives space for Gary Newby's true vocal depth, reminiscent at times of a young Scott Walker. In addition to the 13 acoustic tracks, there are 2 new (2002) tracks released for the first time.

The Railway Children were just one of a string of successful independent bands poached and groomed for obscurity by the majors in the second half of the '80s. Anyone jonesing for, ironically, something close to the Postcard sound-sparkling guitars, a melancholy, yearning tenor-will swoon for this quietly gorgeous album of acoustic revamps. Three tracks from their sole album for Factory (Reunion Wilderness, 1987) are obvious highlights, especially the irresistible lilt of "Brighter". You'd think, given the Coldplay/Keane hegemony, there'd be an audience for this superior version: gentle, epic music but, here, with a soul. (UNCUT magazine)

Gentle Sound (Acoustic Compilation Album)
Bit rate: 320kbps

[Track Listing]

1. "A Gentle Sound" - 4:00
2. "Every Beat Of The Heart" - 4:10
3. "Big Hands of Freedom" - 3:54
4. "It Won't Be Long" - 3:29
5. "In The Meantime" - 3:14
6. "Brighter" - 4:17
7. "Collide" - 4:06
8. "I Know Tomorrow" - 3:32
9. "A Pleasure" - 4:05
10. "Over & Over" - 4:03
11. "Somewhere South" - 3:37
12. "Peacenik" - 2:46
13. "Monica's Light" - 3:59
14. "Skinship" - 4:26
15. "The Forgotten" - 4:42


Written & Produced by Gary Newby Words and music Gary Newby / vocals, instruments & mix: Gary Newby / except songs 14 & 15 drums: makoto sakamoto bass: yasper matsson mix: ken takizawa / executive producer: David Bloom All tracks copyright control Gary Newby / cover photography: hiromi newby / sleeve artwork: Gary Newby


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