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Modern English

Modern EnglishModern English
Robbie Grey (Vocals),Gary McDowell (Guitar),Richard Brown (Drums),Michael Conroy (Bass),Stephen Walker (Keyboards)
Dig these
Breaking Away
The Border
Hands Across The Sea
Ink And Paper
Ink And Paper (Live)
I Melt With You (Live)
I Melt With You (12 Inch)
I Melt With You

Modern English
are an English rock band best remembered for their songs "I Melt with You," "Hands Across the Sea," and "Ink and Paper". The group disbanded for a period in 1991, but later recorded in 1995 with some new members.
Formed in Colchester, Essex, England, in 1979, Modern English were originally known as The Lepers. The group expanded to "Modern English" when Richard Brown (drums) and Stephen Walker (keyboards) were subsequently added to the line-up of the band ). [bxA]
After a single on their own 'Limp' label in 1979, the band signed to 4AD the following year, with two further singles released, and a session for John Peel recorded before the band's debut album, Mesh & Lace, in 1981, the band in the early days showing a strong Joy Division influence. A second Peel session was recorded in October 1981. The follow-up, After The Snow (April 1982), was more keyboard-oriented and was compared to Simple Minds and Duran Duran. It was also released in the United States by Sire Records the following year, where it reached number 70 on the Billboard chart, and sold over 500,000 copies. Grey said of the album, "We used to think 'God, we'll never make a pop record. We're artists!', but things don't always turn out as you planned and when you actually create a pop record, it's so much more of a thrill than anything else". The second single from the album was also a hit in the US, the jangly "I Melt With You" reaching number 78. When he reviewed the album, Johnny Waller of Sounds described the track as "A dreamy, creamy celebration of love and lust, which deserves to be showcased on as 12" single all by itself, with no b-side", while his colleague Tony Mitchell described it as "susburban amateurism at its most unrewarding". The band relocated to New York City and worked on a third album, Ricochet Days, which again made the top 100 in the US, after which the band left 4AD and were solely signed to Sire. The single "Stop Start" (1986) was the last record Modern English record released by Sire, the band splitting up.
Grey and Conroy along with Modern English worked with This Mortal Coil before re-forming Modern English with Mick Conroy and Aaron Davidson for a new album in 1990, Pillow Lips, now on the American TVT label. The album featured a re-recorded "I Melt With You", which was released as a single, and saw the band again in the Billboard top 100. The band split up for a second time in 1991, after contractual problems with TVT, with Grey forming Engine. In 1995, with the legal issues with TVT sorted out, Engine evolved into the next incarnation of Modern English and signed to the Imago label, with Grey and Matthew Shipley (keyboards). This line-up recorded the 1996 album Everything Is Mad.
Robbie Grey toured the US with a new Modern English lineup coast to coast across the US and recorded a new album with Hugh Jones (producer of Melt With You). The songs written with guitarist Steven Walker and including Matthew Shipley came together on the road and back home in London between tours , after a few years on the shelf this collection of songs is due to be released later this year.

A dark debut that has been overshadowed by the later, lighter works and is more akin to Bauhaus and Joy Division. The original album has been augmented by adding singles and rare tracks.
1981 Mesh and Lace Vinyl Modern English

(1981) Mesh and Lace
Released April 6, 1981
67 Megabytes:
16 Days
Just A Thought
Move In Light
The Token Man
A Viable Commercial
Black Houses
Dance Of Devotion (A Love Song)

1981 Gathering Dust Modern English

(1981) Gathering DustDownload 32 Megabytes
Gathering Dust
Mesh and Lace
Smiles and Laughter
Swans on Glass


After the Snow
After the Snow
January 1982

I Melt with You [Cassette Single]
I Melt with You [Cassette Single]
November 1989

I Melt With You 90
I Melt With You 90
June 1990

Beautiful People
Beautiful People
July 1991

Everything Is Mad
Everything Is Mad
March 1996

Best of 80s Pop: Party Songs
Best of 80s Pop: Party Songs
October 2003

In Concert
In Concert
January 2008



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