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Joy Division: Discography

"The Peel Sessions" is a collection of the two Peel Sessions recorded by Joy Division in 1979. Previously the recordings were available on two EPs of the same title, released in 1986 (31 January session) and in 1987 (26 November session). None of the songs had been released before the transmission.Tracks 1 to 4 recorded 31 January 1979 at the BBC Studios, Maida Vale, London. Tracks 5 to 8 recorded 26 November 1979 at the BBC Studios, Maida Vale, London. The cover has the famous "Tube" photo by Anton Corbijn. There is also a French release which has a different cover.

The Peel Sessions
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1. Exercise One
2. Insight
3. She's Lost Control
4. Transmission
5. Love Will Tear Us Apart
6. Twenty Four Hours
7. Colony
8. Sound of Music

"The Best of Joy Division" is a compilation album of material from Joy Division. It was released March 24, 2008 and the UK version includes The Complete BBC Recordings as a bonus disc. The US release is a single disc. The Best of Joy Division reached #97 in April 2008 in Australia, which marks only their second appearance on that chart after Substance reached #53 in 1988.

The Best of Joy Division
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The Best of Joy Division 2008 Back
The Best of Joy Division 2008 Front


1. Digital
2. Disorder
3. Shadowplay
4. New Dawn Fades
5. Transmission
6. Atmosphere
7. Dead Souls
8. She's Lost Control
9. Love Will Tear Us Apart
10. These Days
11. Twenty Four Hours
12. Heart and Soul
13. Incubation
14. Isolation


1. Exercise One (John Peel Show Jan 31, 1979)
2. Insight (John Peel Show)
3. She's Lost Control (John Peel Show)
4. Transmission (John Peel Show)
5. Love Will Tear Us Apart (John Peel Show Nov 26, 1979)
6. Twenty Four Hours (John Peel Show)
7. Colony (John Peel Show)
8. Sound of Music (John Peel Show)
9. Transmission (Live)
10. She's Lost Control (Live)
11. Interview (by Richard Skinner with Ian Curtis and Stephen Morris)

"Unknown Pleasures" is English post-punk band Joy Division's debut album, released in 1979 through Factory Records. Martin Hannett produced the record at Strawberry Studios, Stockport, England. The album sold poorly upon release, but due to the subsequent success of Joy Division with the 1980 single "Love Will Tear Us Apart", Unknown Pleasures is now much more well-known. Factory boss Tony Wilson had so much faith in the band that he contributed his £8,500 life savings toward the cost of producing the initial run of 10,000 copies of the album. Released on June 15, 1979, Recorded the album between April 1 to 17, 1979 at Strawberry Studios, Stockport, England

Unknown Pleasures
1979 (FACT10)

Side one "Outside"

1."Disorder" – 3:32stars png.png
2."Day of the Lords" – 4:49
3."Candidate" – 3:05
4."Insight" – 4:29
5."New Dawn Fades" – 4:47

Side two "Inside"

1."She's Lost Control" – 3:57
2."Shadowplay" – 3:55
3."Wilderness" – 2:38
4."Interzone" – 2:16
5."I Remember Nothing" – 5:53

"Closer" is the second and final album by post-punk band Joy Division, released July 18, 1980 two months following the suicide of lead singer Ian Curtis. The album was originally scheduled to be released on May 8, 1980. The record was originally released on the Factory Records label as a 12" LP and reached #6 on the UK Albums Chart. It also peaked at #3 in New Zealand in September 1981. It claimed the number one slot on NME Album of the Year.

The album cover was designed by Martyn Atkins and Peter Saville, with photography from Bernard Pierre Wolff. The photograph on the cover is of the Appiani family tomb in the Cimitero Monumentale di Staglieno in Genoa, Italy, by Demetrio Paernio.

Joy Division Closer

1. "Atrocity Exhibition"
2. "Isolation"
3. "Passover"
4. "Colony"
5. "A Means To An End"
6. "Heart and Soul"
7. "Twenty Four Hours"
8. "The Eternal"
9. "Decades"

Joy Division Before and After
Before and After
July, 2002

Joy Division Fractured Box
Fractured Box
September, 2001

Joy Division Les Bains Douches 18 December 1979
Les Bains Douches 18 Dec 1979
April, 2001

Joy Division Warsaw
January, 1994

Joy Division Preston 28 February 1980
Preston 28 February 1980
May, 1999

Joy Division Permanent
June, 1995

Joy Division The Complete BBC Recordings
The Complete BBC Recordings
August, 2000

Warsaw An Idea For Killing

Warssaw  Link1|Stormy
An Idea For Living  Link1|Stormy

Joy Division Substance
July, 1988

Joy Division Still
October, 1981

Joy Division An Idea For Living [12 Inch]
An Idea For Living [12"]

Joy Division An Idea For Living [EP]
An Idea For Living [EP]

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