Sunday, January 8, 2012

Translator - The Collection (2007)

Translator is a San Francisco rock band that had success during the 1980s. They created a sound that spanned updated British Merseybeat and stripped-down punk-like rock to psychedelia. Inspired by the Beatles and 1960s California folk-rock bands such as The Byrds, their guitar-based music was very popular during the early 1980s on non-commercial campus radio and new wave music stations. But unlike similar groups including R.E.M., Translator did not get much exposure on mainstream classic rock radio. The group's stripped-down music and sometimes ironic and disturbing existentialist lyrics also helped to make them a significant influence on the alternative rock of the 1990s.

Translator continues to reunite on occasion, including the South By Southwest festival in Austin in 2006, and shows in Los Angeles and a sold out date at Slim's in San Francisco in September 2009. The band is still releasing music, including a planned record of previously unreleased fully produced songs from 1993. Barton works as a solo recording artist. His brand new 2011 album is titled "Projector". It was produced by Marvin Etzioni from Lone Justice and was recorded and mixed on tape. Steve plays all the instruments on this one. The album is made up of songs written in the aftermath of Steve's dad's passing in 2009. In 2010 he released a 20-song CD titled "Gallery" featuring tracks from his three solo albums, plus four brand new songs with his solo band, Steve Barton And The Oblivion Click (Steve Barton, Robbie Rist, Derrick Anderson). Scheff has continued drumming, most recently with the orchestra at Teatro ZinZanni, on a 2008 summer UK tour with Dead Kennedys and, with Larry Dekker, guitarist Peter Wiley and keyboardist and singer Cynthia Haagens in Bang Bang Men. Robert Darlington published a collection of his poetry titled "Ether". Larry Dekker continues to supply his powerful melodic bass playing for various bands.

The Collection

Disc 1

1. Everywhere That I'm Not
2. Necessary Spinning
3. Everything You See
4. When I Am With You
5. Nothing Is Saving Me
6. Sleeping Snakes
7. Favorite Drug
8. Everywhere
9. Dark Region
10. My Heart Your Heart
11. Un-Alone
12. Beyond Today
13. I Hear You Follow
14. Break Down Barriers
15. LA, LA
16. I Love You
17. No Time Like Now
18. Everything Is Falling
19. Simple Things


1. The End Of Their Love
2. About The Truth
3. Circumstance Laughing
4. Standing In Line
5. These Old Days
6. Crazier Everyday
7. I Need You To Love
8. Is There A Heaven Singing
9. Winter Crying
10. Stony Gates Of Time
11. Complications
12. Point Of No Return
13. Tolling Of The Bells
14. Evening Of The Harvest
15. Cry For A Shadow
16. O Lazarus
17. Come With Me
18. Gravity


  1. Please re-upload this great masterpiece!

  2. No son as I can...


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