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The Bible - Walking The Ghost Back Home (1986)

The Bible were a UK band with lead singer Boo Hewerdine, best known for their hits "Graceland" and "Mahalia". The band released two critically acclaimed albums in the mid 1980s.

In 1985 Hewerdine and his bandmate Kevin Flanagan from earlier ensemble The Great Divide, formed The Bible, recruiting jazz drummer Tony Shepherd (who had previously drummed for Freddie Starr) and bassist Clive Lawson. The band released the mini-LP Walking the Ghost Back Home in 1986 on the independent record label, Backs Records, giving them a top-ten hit on the UK Independent Chart, staying in the chart for ten weeks. This was followed by the first release of "Graceland" as a single, which gave them a minor hit in the UK, after which Lawson was replaced by Leroy Lendor. After follow-up single "Mahalia", which reached number 15 on the UK Independent Chart, Flanagan left, to be replaced by Dave Larcombe, with guitarist Neil MacColl (brother of Kirsty MacColl and formerly a member of The Roaring Boys) also joining. The album was well received by music pundits, and this brought the band to the attention of Chrysalis Records. Signing to Chrysalis, "Graceland" was re-released as a single in February 1987, but only charted slightly higher than the original release. Greg Harewood joined on bass guitar, replacing temporary member Constance Redgrave, and in January 1988, the band's second album, Eureka, was released. It peaked at number 71 on the UK Albums Chart. Two singles taken from the album failed to chart, but a re-recorded "Graceland" gave them their highest charting single, reaching number 51 in the UK in April 1989. "Honey Be Good" gave them a second hit later that year, reaching number 54.

In 1989, Hewerdine decided to leave the group and pursue solo projects. The remainder of the group renamed themselves Liberty Horses. In 1993, The Bible reformed for a tour and released the Dreamlife EP in 1994.

Walking The Ghost Back Home
Boo Hewerdine, Kevin Flanagan, Tony Shepherd, Clive Lawson


1. "Graceland" - 3:25
2. "Mahalia" - 4:57
3. "Walking the Ghost Back Home" - 3:57
4. "Kid Galahad and the Chrome Kinema" - 4:09
5. "King Chicago" - 5:08
6. "Sweetness" - 3:31
7. "Spend Spend Spend" - 3:07
8. "(Talk to Me Like) Jackie Kennedy" - 3:18
9. "She's My Bible" - 3:54
10. "High Wide and Handsome" - 5:34

nWu Bonus

"Honey Be Good" (From Eureka Album)
"Honey Be Good" (Acoustic Version)

Honey Be good (Lyrics)

To the girl with the gun
I leave my loneliness
To the boy in your arms
I leave you
When you go and you must
My tongue will turn do dust
And goodbye won't mean

a thing

On a day like today
I'll believe anything you say
Who'll be there when your heart
Hits the ground?
Now that I'm not around
Be good, and if you can't be good
Be good at being bad like
Every girl should, honey be good

Now that I stay at home
listening to The Temptations
Singing I wish it would rain


Now that I'm not around

Graceland (Lyrics)

Would I give you money?
I don't know
the free-est things in life are best
and so, put me to the test

And when I die
will you build the Taj Mahal?
wear black every day of your life?
I doubt it

You will never see Graceland...
All my wanting, all my waiting, all my working
all my wickedness
for all my yearning, inside I'm shutting down

You will never see Graceland...

So what am I doing
without you?
Love at second sight would see me through
but not this time

You will never see Graceland...

All my wanting, all my waiting, all my working
all my wickedness
for all my yearning, all my yearning, all my yearning

You will never see Graceland...


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