Sunday, August 29, 2010

Avoid the Local Music Scene Trap

Before we start talking about the local music scene trap, we need to establish a few ground rules. Let's all agree that:

* Every reason someone plays music is valid - you don't have to be interested in making a career in music to decide you want to play in a band with some friends for fun.
* It is perfectly fine to not have any interest in taking your music, label, promotion business or anything else beyond the local level.

OK, but here is the rub. It DOES makes sense to start locally when building your music career. It all comes down to the approach. Here are some tips to avoid the local musician trap:

* Follow the Bread Crumb Trail: Everything you do locally can be a stepping stone for something bigger. Follow that trail to opportunities beyond the local scene. If you've got a good local following, try a gig swap to start working on new audience. If you've got tons of great reviews in the local press, add quotes from them to your bio and your website. Press begets press, so demonstrating that people are writing about you will get more people to write about you outside of your area. It will also show promoters, labels and more that you're building a buzz. Always look for how every local success can help you achieve something a little broader.

* Plan Wisely: When you're booking shows, check the local calendar. It's amazing how many relatively small towns seem to have 25 very similar bands playing on the same night. They're splitting the audience in ways that just don't make sense. Since your goal is to move beyond playing locally, you want to play on nights when you're not splitting the local music fans so many ways.

* Be on the Same Page: One of the best parts about being in a place with a big music scene is that you lots of options when it comes to finding musicians for your band. However, in addition to being great musicians, the people you play with need to have the same goals as you. If they want to stay local and can't invest the time into, say, going on tour, then you're going to reach an impasse. Start out on the same page, and you'll avoid these problems.

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